Hip Hop Hits Volume 2 - Various - Hipper last season

2006-03-29 18:34
Sure, when it comes to Hip Hop hits they don't get much bigger than 50 Cent's "In da Club" - but how many more times do you really want to hear the man muttering rhapsodic about birthday partying? Okay, so it is surprisingly refreshing to hear Jay-Z cutting a smooth soul crossover tip ("Excuse Me Miss"), Eve strutting to a breezy street funk bounce ("Satisfaction") and Obie Trice keeping it edgy, lyrical and real ("Drips"). Something that can't be said for Ludacris ("Act a Fool") who tries his best to tap into a celebratory gangsta groove, but is so damn overblown in name-dropping bling bling that he merely sounds well, "ludicrously" dated. Ditto DMX's ire ("X Gon' Give it to Ya") and LL Cool J's summery mid-tempo duet ("Paradise"). So by the time Nelly's play-listed to death "Hot in Herre" is trawled out yet again you start scrambling for that off switch, never mind the fast forward button.

It's left to Eminem ("Business") to once again prove that deft emcee skills and lyrical boasts don't have to be cut from last month's hip hop cloth. But if they are, then 2 Pac ("Thugz Mansion") and Dr Dre (featuring Snoop Dogg) remain the standard. While Sean Paul ("Shake It") and Ms. Dynamite ("Dy-Na-Mi-Tee") skitter and sway along to alternately bewitching ragga filtered moods, reminding the listener precisely where this stuff is best experienced: sweating your own booty up on the dance floor.
One of the ironic problems with any "hit" driven compilation is precisely the fact that they usually showcase a seasonal selection of contemporary chart-toppers. Which means you've heard these tracks played over and over on the radio, seen the videos on TV and generally had more than your fill of these singles by the time they make their inexorable way to the marketing cash cow that is the compilation.

pete pompis 2004/01/17 5:16 PM
pete pompis 2 dit is stupid it was dutchman pod
Yolande 2004/03/03 6:08 PM
Hip Hop Hits Volume 2 The CD compilation has had a lot of work put in to it and any one who is a die hard fan of hip hop will definately enjoy this one. With the likes of 50cent, this CD is very likely to blow your heard off. Nas: God's Son
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