Hip Hop Pantsula - Acceptance Speech

2007-12-14 13:08
Acceptance Speech sees HHP giving thanks to his fans for buying his albums and for their loyalty and support from day one. In his first single “Music and Lights” he asks “what would summer be without Jabba? And what would Jabba be without a sample?”

Listen to “Darfur” with Hip-hop poet Tumi. It testifies that HHP is the real Makoya. Then bump and reminisce to what sounds like 90s R&B trio SWV’s “I lose my cool” in the powerful “Bokone Bophirima” and Thebe’s “Re a di busa” on “Ra di busa”. He also samples “There’s no Greater Love” by none other than Amy ‘rehab’ Winehouse on “A vida tem dessas”. Eish! Is this is a case of too many samples spoiling the brew? No. Jabba never disappoints, always stamping these tunes with his potent Tswana lyrics and hypnotic Motswako flavour.

-Gugu Mkhabela
2007 was a good year for Jabba. First he became the lord of the dance by winning the Strictly Come Dancing competition. Next he got nominated for a European MTV music award. Now he’s working on his latest video with top American producer Nick Quested, which also features R&B sensation, Amerie.

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Mindlo 2008/01/17 9:57 PM
Senganga ngwana A complete, balanced showing of SA Hip hop, but more inclined to Jabba's style and sense. His forced rhyme style plus superb, althought sound wise incoherent, production makes this good-to-have album.
sanza 2008/02/25 2:09 PM
King of Motswako!!! "HHP" has never disapointted with all his lyrical talent Jabba.. as his fans would know him "lekoko lebathube ditlogo" excuse my sitswana rock on soldier.
onthusitse 2008/02/26 3:58 PM
you rock nigga yeh,i m from the same hood wit u n i really appreciate wat you doing n this album acceptance speech knocked me outta ma feet.keep that name Maftown alive guyz.peace
Def-G 2008/03/13 12:16 PM
Big up I must say sometimes i can't even here a word HHP is saying, but i listening and loving it all the way. even got the CD on my CD collection.
makara 2008/03/14 12:21 PM
new gods pay respect to the new "GOD" hee boss,I jus bought the album 2days ago...and i cant seem to press the stop button,if its not in the car, its in on my pc,if its not there,its on the radios @ the taxi rank...If you are rich, you know u have it in your cd stash in that Q7 u have...lastly, if you are about to get your butt whoped or robbed, here's an idea; play HHP's Acceptance Speech,it'll surely give u an exemption from gettin robbed....Representing Lesotho, One Love....Phole
hektik 2008/03/20 3:37 PM
i have been lisning damn! son ,thats all i have to say for now. where are you at gig gude me.
Lisema Monamleli 2008/04/04 9:54 PM
Best Motswakolista Rocking Africa I was very disappointed in recent BOLESWA intervarsity games that were held in Botswana,wonna guess y! irrespective of the rumours that we were going to dance 4 music & the lights Jabba was no wher to be seen any King just come to National University of Lesotho u r loved bla keep it tight waya waya
Stacy 2008/04/08 9:29 AM
Awe Mr Jabba is one good kind of musician I've heard.Besides his music,he drives me crazy,I've started watching Rhythm City cuz of him.I like his music cuz he enjoys wat he does & he's doing it all right in his own style.Big ups Mr Jabba.Stacy loves U
Sandisiwe 2008/04/09 11:53 AM
Big upps Just want to say hi to Jabba and i love yoo music & your moves joe u a killer keep it up don't let anything cum your way that will discourage you from making music . Much luv Sandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
karabo 2008/04/11 9:11 AM
jabba, maftowns killer ambassador!! representa ntwana!! jabba, ive been listening to ur jams since ke le ko std 5 o re shapa ka "go diragalang" and u were sipping chibuku eating kuku keys to ur mkhukhu in the bak of ur borukhu, thanks 4 representing our home town bra, sama or no sama, u r the king of hip hop, full stop, never will there cum a tym wen u drop. mogoqco, E-Z!
Sibulele 2008/04/12 7:24 PM
Too Nyc!! The album is on point as always! Catchy lyrics, tyt beats, great production. Go out and get it!
Mbasa Bleki 2008/05/04 1:25 AM
acceptance speech by HHP Enkosi...u have outdone yourself once again...PLEASE PUT UP YOUR LYRICS ON THE NET...
thabo junior 2008/05/05 12:19 PM
I am impressed Jabba modimo keo a go o koletse WA E BAKA BRA!!!
mahube 2008/05/05 4:03 PM
lehipi need to say more....
g-one 2008/05/08 1:30 PM
acceptance speech Big up to Motswako!Pele ke ya kgakala.I like to congratulate Jabba on his achievement at the SAMAs.u deserved those awards.you album ya fisa.like always "WA ITSE" keep the good work up.and bring more motswako hits.i love u and your music.
ZETHU 2008/05/08 1:44 PM
music and lights hi i love jabbas music it totally rocks he is the boom!!!! i am 15 a xhosa girl hes music rocks i cant help listening to his music i justt wish i could meet him and thank him for the nice music he records. He deserves all the awards that come to him. Jabba is like Jay-z i love that mans music i hear you guys do the same thing in studio that totally rocks my two FAV rappers are so alike i wish i could someday really meet them and see what a day in a life of them you JABBA,HHP. FROM ZETHU JEREMIAH CAPE TOWN
katlego chokwe 2008/05/10 11:35 PM
halala jabba halala jabba u rock.mara vele what would sama be without jabba? im inspired.u are the reason i listen 2 hip hop,jabba u r the reason i never give up cuz u always got the right words to say.i am a seventeen yrs old poet nd im in matric nd it is hard but bcuz of ur words i never give up. yes i voted for u jabba nd u deserve the awards.may God bless u with many more awards.hey first of al i want to thank jeso nd im happy 4 u.pula! Hey send me pics tloucho@yahoo.com
Lesedi 2008/05/23 3:27 PM
Jabu you rock!! HHP,O dira tiro ya gago ka botswa pelo le manontlhotlho. Ke rola cap ya me & I salute you, I am proud 2 be a Maf-town(Mmabatho) citizin- U represent us very well. U are a true inspiration- U do what u love & love what u do. O senganga when it comes to Motswako. The fact that when u succeed u dont forget where YOU come from realy touches me. O dula o eme ditsala tsa gago nokeng(Mr MO-TUKS-The Morafe crew-JR & others) that is gr8. Ke go lakaletsa masego le katlego mo tirong ya gago le mo botselong in General. HHP wa ntlatsa big tym- BONA BONA!!
leroy 2008/08/12 5:59 PM
u r the best raper alive man u r the boom i luv ur music, u r the best raper alive in S.A ur music rocks keep it up.
sandy 2008/09/12 5:31 PM
wayza i love this guy jo m
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