Ian Henderson - Superglue

2009-02-17 09:00
Superglue marks a maturing of a sound that's been bouncing around for a while, not quite making its mark - that boy singer song-writer thing that echoes a bit of Dave Matthews mixed with heart-strings harmonies and a depressive tone for which credit must go to KZN-born and fled Chris Letcher and perhaps sometime musical partner Matthew Van Der Want too, with people like the irrepressible Robin Auld holding up the pop side of it all.

Acoustic circle-shows, candle-lit bars in Obs, Kalk Bay, Melville and Glenwood any venue with cushions in it will welcome this live. A few signed copies might sell off after the show when Ian appears supporting the Simon Van Gend band. The well-crafted, hand-knitted songs will ensure Ian always has someone pretty to talk to after the gig. Good melody and cute 'n sexy voice counts for a lot.

But will Superglue change the world? Will this even escape it's current very small world and reach the rest of the world? Nice as this is, that's likely. And in any case, other local artists - like this guy you've also probably never heard of called Baz Corden - are already doing more original stuff in the same vein. Plus, this guitar-stroking singer-songwriter stuff IS all about sensitivity, and Ian's arrangements are a bit predictable. Weepy numbers like "The Sky Fell" are all piano and string-ballad, with few surprises. On the sing-along style "Leave the lights on", the drums drive the message home a bit too hard.

Still, it's worth a listen if you're starved of sorrow.

Just because guitar-stroking whiteboy singer sensitive songwriters are a ten bucks for a caseload in SA's big cities doesn't mean that these laid-back, sweet songs about love and (not quite) letting go don't tick tock along really nicely.

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