Idols: All The Hits By Your Top 10 - Various - Put a hit on them

2006-03-29 18:37

Instead, we get a succession of by and large bland pop cover fodder that's not even particularly well produced or packaged for that matter. Obviously any set of cover versions are going to be compared to the originals, but the key is to see whether any of the Idols have enough interpretative clout to make the song their own. With a few exceptions, the verdict is a disappointing, no.

Anke's take on Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" may have won her the crown, but turns a shimmering jazzy ballad into a one-dimensional cabaret croon. While the already nervous sounding Karen isn't helped by having to emote over a hideous, cheesy karaoke arrangement of "Bette Davis". Ditto Thelma ("Without You") and Wafeeq ("I'll Make Love to You") whose natural vocal flourishes struggle to come to terms with the monochromatic ballad production they're confined to.

In contrast, Kgomotso's slips effortlessly into a soulful R&B soar on "Have I Told You Lately that I Love You", something both Nazneen ("If You Don't Know Me By Now") and Zama ("Change the World") also achieve, albeit less successfully. But the surprise package actually proves to be Petro's smouldering, if at times overblown version of Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." Best of the bunch though is unquestionably Poseletso's slow 'n sensitive twist on "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." And at least boy pop pin-up Jacques actually sounds as though he's enjoying singing "I Write the Songs." Who knows, maybe one day he will write the songs that make the young girls cry.
Debates as to the merits of any music TV talent show search aside, if Idols really is the pick of South Africa's pop crop, then the viewing public who voted for these poor kids should hang themselves by their collective telephone cords.

margaret 2004/01/21 7:19 PM
put a hit on them they sang better songs than this on the Idols show no
goda 2004/01/22 9:47 AM
My gay boy friends probably love him *Jacques actually sounds as though he's enjoying singing "I Write the Songs."* That's HILARIOUS. The idea of someone *covering* a song about writing songs. I'm surprised he can keep a straight face. Not that he seems terrible straight to me. Max Normal - Songs from a Mall
elvis 2004/01/22 10:16 AM
I'm all shook up you'd have to be a very sad git to buy something like this Any with the words 'elvis' and 'presley' on the cover
Pagoda 2004/01/22 11:50 AM
Leave Anke alone... Personally, I wouldn't touch the Idols CD with a ten foot pole, but two people stood out from the rest throughout with the, what I call, goosebump-factor! Anke and Poseletso was tops! If ever Anke want to get rid of her boyfriend, and take up another offer, here I am girl. If only to hear you sing before I close my eyes at night... Kevi Bloody Wilson (very funny - please don't shoot me)
eleanor 2004/01/22 1:20 PM
anke to be honnest i had no liking in heinz or the fact that he was an idol but anke u rock i really admire u and for once some win who i favour for a change. no matter what anybody says you are going from good to even better and excellent and supurb and stunning voice and just love it when silver lining is playing
Annel 2004/01/22 1:56 PM
Anke is worth listening to To be honest I'm crazy about IDOLS but I'm not crazy about the CD. Yes I would buy the CD but only because of Anke, well and Wafeeq. If the two of them weren't on the CD the CD would have been just another boring CD of people trying to be popstars. Anke's own CD - as soon as it is out on the shelfs
Roelyn 2004/01/22 3:07 PM
Mrs A 3 I should think. Some of the songs are very good,others well...
Ginney 2004/01/26 10:48 AM
The first Idols CD as a whole was better I have both this year and last years cd's. On a whole last year is better although the idols this year were of a higher standard. I do not think they made the right selection of songs for this year's cd. Karen did a fabulous - Hopelessly devoted to You - as just one example and yet we get "Betty Davis Eyes" which is mediocre. I think far more effort should have gone into this cd and a better song choice. I think each idols best performance should have been on the cd instead of the one they sang for the top 10. Jaques new single - doesnt sound like karaoke
Don 2004/12/29 9:23 PM
Just to Make More Money This is by and large a heap of rubbish from a very bland tv show. The object of the cd - to try and con more and more of the brain dead public to help pay for what was overall a dreadful showcase of south african talent (or lack thereof) Rollercoaster
Mongezi 2007/08/30 11:47 AM
Poseletso, Zama and Kgomotso The 3 contestants I have mentioned above are the one who are outstanding from this cd and it hurted me when I saw zama living and kgomotso although kgomotso deserved to be in the top 4
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