Il Divo - Ancora

2006-03-30 12:12

It was only a matter of time before operatic pop got its first Euro boy-group. It was also probably predictable that they'd start an album with Mariah Carey's "Hero", and include the likes of "Unchained Melody" - although.

Thankfully, the producers have opted for Spanish lyric adaptations, which work infinitely better "operatically". The classical input comes from a poorly-considered arrangement of "Ave Maria" (Schubert), and the album is better off without its unjustified slaughter.

Otherwise it's all about three prettier tenors and their pretty voices, and pretty arrangements. It's not really classical, but it could have been worse; they could have included an Andrew Lloyd-Webber song.

- Anton Marshall


And far from being a bland selection of inane pop stuff, this album features an amazing collection of pop and classical tracks all given the unique Il Divo treatment, which tries to bridge the pop and classical divide.
- Peta Lee for Independent on Saturday

Il Divo do the soft classical thing, and the 40+ female market's going to lap this one up. If you're trying to please a romantic with plenty experience but simple tastes in music, this is your ticket to the top.

zita kyster 2006/02/18 5:06 PM
ildivo reveiw the cd is very romantic and relaxing i like the way the voices come togehter is really puts you in a good mood after a few songs it really rocks keep it up guys puff johanson(forever more)
Elsie v.d. Merwe 2006/03/01 12:50 PM
Mrs Poor performance.
Joan Wood 2006/03/01 1:40 PM
What's wrong with pretty? I love this CD, as well as their debut album. Great perfomances. I am going to see them when they perform in London am looking forward to experience them live! By the way Mr Marshall, Andrew Lloyd-Webber achieves in one day what you can only hope to achieve in your whole lifetime, so don't be catty. Les Choristes - en concert
Joey Fernandes 2006/03/01 8:01 PM
One of my favourite CDs I think they great, I own 2 of their cd's and they sing and look so good. What else can I say, but keep going guys!! I think you tops.
George 2006/03/01 10:39 PM
Il divo review I think it's great. It's a great initiative! The blokes have good voices and I like their look. O would like to hear more original material rather than melodies ripped from other classical favourites such as Pavane by Faure (Isobel). Guys, I appreciate what you're doing. It is working out well! I like it! Ps: Simon, you're not Christopher Raeburn.:) Totsiens George, Pretoria Soundtrack to the movie Gladiator
Eric Gunning 2006/03/01 11:10 PM
A very special group As good as there previous CD's
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