Il Divo - Siempre

2007-01-18 17:43
There’s always a certain amount of fear when you have to listen to the so-called classics on albums like these. Classics tend to be overplayed songs that add nothing to the original composition and are best left to be played in supermarkets. This reviewer has been chased out of a store by the likes of Josh Groban, Michael Buble and Patrizio Buanne on various occasions.

But this won’t be the case with the divine Il Divo, who render classics like "Nights in White Satin" (originally by the Moody Blues) and "Without You" (covered by Shirley Bassey and Mariah Carey, to mention but a few) beautifully. What stops the covers from being too cloying are the guys’ exceptional voices and the fact that the songs are sung in Italian and Spanish.

Tracks like "Caruso" and "Come Primavera" are mesmerising and will have you fighting the urge to drop everything, close your eyes and just listen to the music. While "La Vida Sin Amor" provides a welcome break from the ballads and invokes warm Latin nights, starry skies and pavement cafes.

But it is the quartet's own compositions, “Una Noche” and “Amor Venme A Buscar” which truly showcase their talent and bring something unique to the album. Not to labour the point - the whole album is beautifully sung - however, more original compositions would have made it fresher. What made the first two albums so popular was the new style “popera” (the mix of pop and classical music) and the fact that the compositions were not that well known to the pop audience. So it was a bit like being served Crème Brule after facing jelly and canned fruit for ages. Let's hope that they stay away from the canned fruit, keep pushing the edge and continue to add more original music to their repertoire.

One thing is for sure - you'll be seduced by the amazing voices, Latin flavour and romantic nature of Siempre. If you loved their previous albums then you'll sigh over this one. Il Divo is currently on a world tour and they stop on our shores around the end of February, so save some admiration for the concerts.

- Soraya Abdulatief
Fans will love this album. It's a bit like eating expensive dark chocolate. Smooth, rich and luxurious.

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Charmaine 2007/01/19 9:20 AM
Il Divo - Siempre Brilliant! Wonderful. Smooth. Delicious.
F.J van den Berg. 2007/01/19 10:15 AM
Mr. great
Charmaine Pelser 2007/01/19 11:15 AM
They are Just wonderful!!! They are just magic, Their voices are like satin. They calm me and make me feel all warm in side. They are wonderful.
Anita Mulder 2007/01/19 1:38 PM
Mrs These guys make me believe in love, romance and men for that matter time and again. Amazing men with amazing voices singing songs that touch my heart!
Deanette 2007/01/22 7:44 PM
Ms Amazing! Already got my ticket to see them live...... Know it will be an out of this world experience!
Adamskee 2007/02/02 6:13 PM
Il Divo's kinda cool if you're a choc head Yah, i must agree with the smitten reviewer. My lover plays this album like all the time and I have't been driven to suicide yet, so they must like totally rock. See y'all at Kirstenbosch, man. Rock on, belle donnas...
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