Ima Robot - Ima Robot - Ima Robot's dubiuos debut

2006-03-29 18:32

But while No Wave hipsters like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and rebel rock drifters such as the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club actually work a retro rock tip that guarantees VIP access, Ima Robot merely exploit a lucky packet of clever pop pastiches.

Whether it's oh so 80s jangle indie pop ("Alive"), shamble-punk ("Dynomite", "Song, No. 1"), protean Britpop parody ("Scream") or trashy electro-clash ("Philosophee"), the colour by numbers guitar rifferama ("A Is for Action") never quite captures anything more than an MTV filtered sheen. Yet compared to the self-referential tongue in cheek daring of the Dandy Warhols, on glam recycled new wave excursions like "Dirty Life" and "Let's Talk Dirty" Ima end up sounding like a far too frivolous and not so clever bunch of con artists.

Given their oh-so-hedonistic lead-singer's infectious punk-meets glam Britpop mewling growl and the array of familiar retro flavours they collage, you would've at least thought they could come up with a decent name.

With garage rock continuing to be the buzzword amongst both critics and fans alike, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable succession of no name brand bands started queuing to get into the party.

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