Iron Maiden - Flight 666

2009-06-12 16:01
Iron Maiden

You’ve guessed it: this is the soundtrack to that film, a live collection of Iron Maiden classics. Unlike most live releases, Flight 666 was put together over the course of an entire tour, and features recordings from concerts in twelve different countries.

It may not compare to their timeless Live After Death, but Flight 666 features a truly classic Maiden live set, including “Hallowed Be Thy Name”, “The Number of the Beast” and “Fear of the Dark”. The fantastically epic “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, which might have missed the cut if this were’nt a double CD, is graciously also included.

The sound is pitch pefect, as you’d expect from any multi-platinum group’s live product. Whether Bruce Dickinson sounds a wee bit out of breath here and there is another matter. To be fair, this lot have been singing their wicked songs for nigh on three decades, making the palpable energy and buzz of the recordings all the more exceptional.

If you were wondering whether to buy Flight 666 or the greatest hits-ish Somewhere Back In Time (released last year), you may find a greater sense of purpose, a bit less cash-in and a bit more “Come on!” in this solid, entertaining release.

Rock fans who haven’t seen the excellent rock doc Iron Maiden: Flight 666 should do so soon. Tracking the exploits of Iron Maiden on their most recent world tour (for which they piloted their own Maiden-themed 747), the film is a thrilling mix of candid interviews, stunning stage cinematography and detailed Maiden fan service.

Old Rocka 2009/06/12 10:10 PM
Look up Rock & Roll and you got these guys looking straight at you. Amazing masters of the craft they put it together right. Iron Maiden ,a killer rock & roll band. Peace, old Rocka.
Legends 2009/06/15 11:53 AM
These guys are legends. The only thing better than this album is the exceptional DVD Documentary. If you want the true experience get it on Blu-ray and play it LOUD!!
preshen govender 2009/06/17 9:48 AM
Whoever can remember Iron Maiden performance at Woodstock was not there
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