It's ear candy too - Mis-teeq - Eye Candy

2006-03-29 18:18

Oozing mainstream appeal while still maintaining an authentic dance floor fusion of sounds, the girls wrap an undulating, sensual envelope of soul around the staccato gunfire of Alesha's barb-tipped MC styling and delirious dance beats.

"Strawberrez" and "Can't Get It Back" start out emanating the kind of girlish warmth that recalls classic TLC or Destiny's Child before suddenly changing tempo and returning with a darker rap rigorous sound more akin to Method Man and Missy Elliott. Similarly, the rocking "Nitro" wastes no time in beating the listener into delirium with a ping-pong bassline and a jagged edge as they trade the kind of vocal parries that would annihilate the delicate sensibilities of vacuous booty-babes like J-Lo, Kelly and Beyonce.

On the other side of the spectrum "Scandalous" delivers a slick confection of meaty bass and a gimmicky siren hook combined with just enough earthy garage to keep it palatable, "Dance Your Cares Away", as the name suggests, is all skittery vocals mixed in with a bewitching, shifting, hyperactive rhythm. In short, this is the ideal album for seducing your lover without loosing your musical credibility in the process.

On the follow up to their debut, Lickin' on Both Sides (2001) all-girl ambassadors of UK Garage,

Mis-Teeq prove it is possible to jump on the R&B babe bandwagon without loosing your credibility.

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