It's in her eyes - Sex appeal of "innocent" eyes

2006-03-29 18:22

Besides having the requisite country friendly name to open all sorts of doors into the American charts, she just happens to be a sexy little teen pin-up too, blending a sort of fresh-faced girl next door goodness with an unmistakable libidinous allure. But in a world full of post-lapsed Britneys and savvy strumpets like Christina where exactly is young Delta going to find her niche?

Enter those "innocent eyes". You see despite the suspicion that Delta may be a bottle blonde she is blessed with unbelievably innocent blue orbs. Pouting it up on the album cover in a slip of a white cotton dress, she comes across as Faith Hill's younger - who knows maybe even virginal sister. So, yes she's seriously sexy. And being a babe definitely doesn't hurt when it comes to helping that necessary high rotation ACR radio play. And make no mistake, Innocent Eyes is aimed squarely at the adult contemporary audience.

From the radio-rotation ballad "Born to Try", the middle-of-the-road retro rock narrative of the title track and the breathy acoustic ballad "Not Me, Not I" to the sexy jangle guitar trip-hop lie hued "Throw it Away". Yet besides the preponderance of colour by numbers arrangements designed to get you humming the chorus something elusive insinuates itself into your ears. It's her voice - not merely the fact that Delta hits just the requisite emotion each 'n every single time. Delta's lyrical croon is instantly distinctive.

Echoing Alanis' passion ("This is not Me"), Jewel's poetic sensibility ("Will You Fall for Me") and early Leann Rimes vocal prowess ("Longer") Delta glides from confident drive time anthems ("Lost Without Your Love", "Predictable") to delicate ballads ("A Year Ago Today").

On lilting hook-laden country hued ditties ("In My Own Time" and "My Big Mistake") she even shows her polished piano dexterity. A decade ago Delta would've been merely one of a string of strong 'n sensitive female singer songwriters coming out of Canada, in the new millennium the Australian's rising star shines radiant above the post teen pop fallout.

Forget Idols. The Australian's are way ahead of the pack with that seminal soapie of theirs, "Neighbours". First there was Kylie Minogue, then Natalie Imbruglia and the latest "Sheila" to slip from bit part day time TV star to next big pop thing is the delicious Delta Goodrem.

Blood wolf 2003/09/30 10:47 AM
The one above Looks good whats her number Ramstein
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