J - Closure

2007-05-21 10:57

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We spoke to J about the producer, work, and woman behind his debut album. Hear the interview and some of the songs.
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This album is the result of what a four-year crush will do to any man, and was J's inspiration for his debut album. Closure doesn't quite fall into the slit-your-wrist genre, but it's depressing enough.

The album is drenched in so much anguish, suffering, longing, infatuation and anger that were it not for the complete and utter honesty of the lyrics this dark, Indie, pop-rock album would simply have been neglected along with many of the other underrated SA offerings.

Dark and depressing as it might be, J is one of the few true artists who pens what he feels and not what he thinks his audience want him to feel. So what if the bright, sunny, people don't like it? So what if his tragic love life has commandeered his thoughts? If you've had your heart broken, you can and will relate, and this is the selling point of Closure – listening to another poor soul who's been kicked in the stomach by love. J's sound can be compared to Coldplay's with its heavy focus on a strings arrangements, complemented by electric and acoustic guitars and piano, and a strong back beat rounding off the bass.

Hopefully local boy J will become as big as Arno Carstens, that's if he can move beyond his tragic love life.

- Megan Kakora

{Clo.sure} (yes, that's J's spelling) is also available on USB Flash Drive, enclosed in a light plastic test tube.

As an honest biography about love unreturned, J's Closure lays bare a heart that's been battered and bruised and yet still beats.

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Rowland 2007/01/07 2:23 PM
Refreshing i think it sounds great, nice voice, nice interesting lines. keep it up J.
peter 2007/01/10 5:00 PM
this is my album of year where did this guy come from - couldn't believe this was done in SA - i've got it on repeat in the car
Mumsy 2007/01/17 5:09 PM
This is so listenable My 21 yr old daughter trudged the streets of Cape Town to find this CD whilst on holiday & now the whole family loves it.
Zeana 2007/04/11 4:24 PM
Lyrics This is an amazing song... It males me think of my dad... any idea where one can find the lyircs?
Zeana 2007/04/11 4:24 PM
Lyrics This is an amazing song... It makes me think of my dad... any idea where one can find the lyircs?
Elaine 2007/04/18 2:14 PM
Lyrics This song is unbelievable..i have been searching..where can i find the lyrics please??/
muller 2007/04/18 9:10 PM
j I went to school with him!
CM 2007/04/22 6:29 PM
Lyrics Where can I find the lyrics?
nobuhle 2007/04/23 8:20 AM
awsome music i really love j's song down again. where could i plz plz plz find the lyrics?
Kerri 2007/04/24 8:58 PM
Lyrics If anyone is looking for lyrics to "Closure", try going to J's MySpace page. www.myspace.com/jclosure The lyrics are available on there.
Tjedza 2007/05/02 12:09 AM
...the REAL review okay this guy is... phenomenal for a south african act, and can easily supercede local acts to become a real force to be reckoned with. Sure, we all at some point feel that strength and type of deep-seated emotion- but its the clarity of his expression that fuels his inevitable success thus- its the power ballad album, that saps your strength and leaves you saying "yeah...that was me"- without screaming at you... its that kinda music that speaks to you, that speaks to your soul, however melancholy- that music that almost got lost in the ages/lost in translation, but ...now just grabs you by the collar and gives you internal- 'closure' within yourself! j's got that james blunt appeal- james blunt hit the same note, that sad/depressing but true..note- and j is there. this album cannot be brushed aside/considered a stepping stone to ..what HE's "really" going to be famous for.. this album is that quintessential mix of human emotion so real you can feel his flesh in the
Michael 2007/05/13 1:27 AM
J This guy is really talented and deserves international respect
hanri 2007/05/21 11:40 AM
AWESOME I really love his songs, i think Closure is one of the best songs of 2007. J you really are awesome!!!
Haley 2007/06/11 2:42 PM
Shivers The song is very honest and his ability to bring across all that emotion in his voice reveals how much of it is all him in his raw and natural form. I LOVE IT
Cory 2007/09/17 12:09 AM
Good stuff It's not too often that I hear a love album that I actually enjoy 100%
Tamsyn 2008/03/10 3:54 PM
Honest and gravelly The song is honest and emotional, sung in a gravelly, warm tone which soothes as it niggles. I am a huge fan of the entire album.
kere 2008/04/08 12:59 PM
your friend J is very talented,down to earth,fun to be around!!!missin u stax J hopin to see you again oneday! You still and always will Rock!!!
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