J Holiday - Back of My 'Lac

2008-05-09 06:38
The music conjures up visions of guys in doorags with no jobs hanging out on street corners shouting obscenities to passing woman. You just think, 'oh, here we go again… excessive bad language, shock-value lyrics: sex, cars, bitches and ho's.' Come on, we've heard it all before. R Kelly killed it like 10 years ago. Let's move on people.

J Holiday comes straight off the R&B assembly line. His music is typical of the 90s - which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't 2008. "Bed" received mild commercial success and some MTV airtime, but it still sounds like an Usher reject. Actually, everything on this album sounds like Usher rejects.

There's a serious lack of originality, and the Gomez Addams mustache and fedora is just plain weird. "Back of My 'lac" is so bad it's laughable.

- Ashlin Simpson

J Holiday. Now there's a name that just slithers off the tongue. The sensual rapper that makes every woman want to strip naked and say "take me J, I'm yours, your lyrics make me want marry you and have your babies". Yeah, right. In what lifetime does Mr Holiday think that saying "you're sexier than a mutha f***er" is going to get him some action?

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Mongezi 2008/05/14 12:38 PM
Great Album Well I have to disagree with you Ashlin. This album is great and the dude is not trying to be like Usher. And I do own this disc and I love it from track one till the last. My favourate songs are Bed, Fatal, Suffocate, Pimp in me and Betcha never had and I am giving the album 4.5/5
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