J-Lo - Brave

2007-11-19 11:26
Actually who cares? With such droning vocals and crap lyrics like ‘heart-breaks are over-rated, stay together is the new trend’ on synth-disco jam “Stay Together”, it’s no wonder Brave is a commercial flop. After playing the pop game for almost a decade you’d think J-Lo would have learnt a thing or two about what works.

After sitting through this retro water torture you realize that she clearly doesn’t have a clue what's hip on the dance floor these days. The only song worth listening to is “Brave”. It’s very emotive, but up-beat and uplifting as well and is one of those tracks that you could put on repeat for a whole Sunday morning. Other than that the album is a complete waste of time.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

When we hear of a title like Brave we expect something…if not ambitious, then out-of-the-ordinary. Instead J-Lo gives us more of the same – sloppy but danceable love songs. She doesn’t take risks with her voice and there’s no cross-genre experimentation which has you wondering what makes her think she’s so brave.

mandy 2007/11/16 9:09 AM
past it sorry Jenny from the block. your flashdance thing is so 90s. sounds like she need to hang with Britney.
vincent 2007/11/18 2:07 PM
brave's just the one Dnt listen to the critics Jlo, they got nothing to critisize. i bet none of them ever had time to listen to the whole album. i think the album is a BANG!!!
Nic 2007/11/18 2:30 PM
New JLO album is AMAZING I think Tiisetso Tlelima is one of the many jealous people of jennifer lopez! Gees can you sing, dance, act and design clothes and look like amazing well u doing it? No all u can write are lame little artcles about people whose level u wish u could reach one day!
Michelle 2007/11/18 8:07 PM
Gone... I agree with Tiisetso. It's awful. Jenny from the block, it seems you are ON the chopping block this time. Sorry. And WOW ~ Nic and Vincent ~ with grammar and spelling like THAT... Well, let's just say it's no wonder that you enjoy this mindless, innordinate crap.
Anele Nzimande 2007/11/19 8:33 AM
J-lo=Jolly Low Jlo your last album(Get Right) was superb& unlike wine, which gets better with age, you are ageing dis-gracefully in the music industry. Sorry, better luck next tym!!!
sala 2007/11/22 11:42 AM
Nice review! It's time for Jen to give it up!
QueenS 2007/11/26 3:08 PM
give it up it time for her to take a bow-gracefully!!!
Daemos 2008/03/10 11:03 AM
Sies This album is disgusting, I made my friend throw her copy away and bought her an Adele CD instead
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