J.J. Cale - Rewind

2007-11-19 15:32
If you’re not familiar with any of J.J Cale’s 13 albums, you’ll probably still know the Clapton versions of Cale songs “Cocaine” and “After Midnight”. You won’t find anything as iconic on this album, and a non–fan would get much more out of a greatest hits collection. But most fans will be intrigued and pleased by Cale’s takes on the songs he chose to cover, and some of the originals here are also well worth the admission price, especially “Seven Day Woman.” There are a few fillers that you’ll find inoffensive, but hardly essential.

If you’re looking for a reference point before you dig into Cale’s oeuvre, think Mark Knopfler meets Jack Johnson. Mellow, relaxed, and full of simple insights and richly drawn vignettes, both musically and lyrically.

- Chris Roper

Hardcore fans of Cale’s beautifully laidback style will devour Rewind. It’s 14 previously unreleased songs from 1973 to 1983, and includes covers of Waylon Jennings, Randy Newman (someone whose back catalogue you should investigate if you like quirky songwriters), and, ironically, Eric Clapton’s “Golden Ring”.

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