Jack Johnson - To The Sea

2010-07-15 17:06
Jack Johnson wasn’t planning on releasing an album in 2010. First his father died of cancer;then his third baby girl was born. I mean, who can blame him if he had other things on his mind? But luckily for us his 6th album, To The Sea, just sort of... happened.

In true green-surfer style To The Sea was recorded in solar powered studios, the art work is printed on 100% recycled paper and all the proceeds of his world tour will be donated to charities. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, because that’s just the kind of person Jack is: a surfer-Saint, and a handsome one too!

But enough about the man who’s got it all, let’s talk about the music. So... what to say about the music? It’s Jack Johnson for crying out loud! He’s doing what he’s been successfully doing for the past decade. Which means To The Sea contains the same funky soulful campfire strums.

His dedication “In Loving Memory of My Dad, Jeff Johnson”, does give the album that extra something special, emotionally.

Title track, “To The Sea”, is a mellow rock tune about heading back to the sea where he left his father after he passed away; it’s the true surfer way (if you were wondering). “You’ve gone and stole my heart and made it your own” Jack sings on, “My Little Girl”. It’s a beautiful nylon-string ballad about the parental instinct of wanting to protect your child against sadness, that shows he loves his little girl...cute or what?

Then, of course, what would a Jack Johnson album be without some groovy campfire beach-party starters? “At Or With Me” is a raw homemade bluesy funk tune reminiscent of...well basically all of Jack’s previous songs, but that’s why we love him, right? “Red wine, Mistakes, Mythology” is a definite sing-along hit that will make you miss those J-Bay red wine, open mic, bonfire beach get-togethers at Super’s...oh wait, that’s just me! And even if you didn’t grow up by the sea, this will definitely make you feel like you did.

So if you’re a fan, I know you already have the album. And to those who just think of it as background music, I’ll leave you with Jack’s confession to Rolling Stone Magazine: “I like music you can put on during a barbeque, like Bob Marley (chuckles). I hope to continue in the realm of barbeque music”.

Wanting to sometimes experience pain, heartache and suffering isn’t weird at all for musicians because let’s face it: happiness doesn’t sell albums, or produce good songs for that matter. Well, not always. Rather mix up the sad with the happy, it seems to work for Jack!

Justin 2010/07/16 9:56 AM
I've loved JJ from way before Kevin Fine would sneak him onto the air on his morning show on 5fm. His previous album didn't impress me that much - but Jack is back! And yes - while it sounds much the same (much the point), fans will love it. And we do!
Owen 2010/07/19 11:55 AM
Just got this album and really enjoying it, a nice full sound and well written songs :)
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