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2010-05-21 14:37

There's only one subject here – Jack Parow. From his penis size to his drink of choice, this is Jack Parow 101. But it's the most entertaining class you'll ever attend, if you're into his brand of humour.

While the lead single from the album, "Cooler As Ekke" has been reworked into a radio friendly offering, it comes from a vulgar original. This is a rap-attack. It's designed to make you squirm, laugh, gasp and close your little sister's ears.

Take the opening track, "Wens Jy Was Myne" featuring circle-beega-maker JR. After once again asserting his main man status with the ladies, JP brags "Ek het gisteraand in jou bitch se bek gespuit" (Last night I sprayed in your bitch's mouth). It goes down hard like a Jaggie or five. But have you seen him? Do you really think that snor and that lang swart kêp will make the girls cream in their panties? Nooit. And he knows it. But he works the smart and funny angle. "Farmhouse Brekvis", "Word Wakker" and "Hier's Hy Nou" all contain more than enough profanity and imaginative disses to keep the Byellville poppies lifting their frokkies.

Jack gives the ball-grabbing gusto a rest on the soulful remix of "Die Vraagstuk", a track that featured on Die Heuwels Fantasties' debut disc. He waxes sentimental about enjoying life's hedonistic pleasures because when the darkness arrives, you're all alone. It's underpinned by Pierre Greef's sweet acoustic tokkels and Johnny's masterful mixing. It's a far but all too refreshing cry from the abundant ego stroking elsewhere on the album.

This track seamlessly blends into the playful, fun ode called "Byellville" where he'll show exactly why you need to come there and CY.

Die Antwoord got a track with Frannie van Coke, so Jack wants one too! "Dans Dans Dans" is a hybrid of rap, rock, dance and electro, and it works. The hook is obviously catchy, but it's not my favourite track. That's "I Miss".

Fine, I'm a sucker for the nostalgic references because I too am a kid of the 80s. And for a change we're not discussing Jack's 'prowess' (like he said on "Farmhouse Brekvis, "my piel is so groot hulle moet dit upload na YouSendIt").  But there's no denying the pure genius in making an entire chorus out of the original catchphrase recordings of our favourite TV shows, like "bad ol' putty tat", Teenage Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters!, amongst others.   And yes, I do miss the days "when Francois Pienaar played rugby and didn't eat Lay's". Oh yeah, and he's singing in English. It's a bad accent, but it's kinda cute.

The attention to detail is impeccable. The ice blocks clinking in a glass of Coke on "Ricky Louw" (the Afrikaans moniker for Richelieu brandy) provide an interesting percussion element. The beats are laid back and it's a nice reminder that regardless of what he claims, Jack doesn't take himself too seriously, and neither should you. Just "laat jou boude skut" and have a laugh.

A hilarious, self- indulgent rap biography. Lock up your grandma!
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Paul 2010/06/10 7:09 PM
Dude coming from an Englishman, this is totally TIT, well done Jack. Better than that enter the Ninja cr@p from DIe Antwoord.
anon 2010/07/10 12:11 PM
This guy really sucks.If this guy can make it onto MK,than pretty much anyone can do it.I would love to battle against him...
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