Jak de Priester - Sally Williams Nougat - Jak de Priester - Sally Williams Nougat

2006-03-29 19:01

There's something awfully "Cabaret" about the whole thing. And Jak de Priester's drama queen vocals, though beautiful at times, are often as "OTT" as a melodramatic Meatloaf suite.

Unlike Meatloaf, Jak does seem sincere. He seems to really mean it when he sings of his love for Africa, or a temporary sexual obsession, or a lottery day crowd at a gas station, or the innocence of a Vrystaat childhood.

He sounds a bit like his fellow Afrikaans singer-songwriter icon Johannes Kerkorrel, for whom he's written "Kerkorrel" - Wou jou nog vra om the luister / Wou nog graag he dat jy hoor - just with added tinsel and disco sensibility. And he's a skilled singer and performer, with a real talent for conveying nostalgia. On the lovesick title track, and on "Trip", he attains the apex of frustrated longing... or is it self-pity? Either way, you'd have to be hard-hearted not to find his performance moving. If every song on the album were as good, Sally Williams Nougat would be a cheese masterpiece, but most of the tracks are neither as touching, nor as elegant.

Overall, the arrangements and vocal delivery would have benefited from a bit of restraint, and much as Kerkorrel's also one of my heroes, Jak's album would be more worthwhile with much less of Kerkorrel's influence, because you should never copy a talent you can't compete with. Sometimes it's just time to move on. Or book a hit season in a cabaret club.

- Jean Barker

Jak's pictures on the cover draw your attention. And maybe some laughter too. The pursed lipsticked surprised look on the cover illicited some unrepeatable humorous comments from friends. The music? A bit of mixed bag.

Rochê 2005/11/06 3:56 PM
Jak de Priester-Sally Williams Nougat I think this song really rocks.Jak sings this song with so much passion and you can hear he loves what hes doing. And who cares if its slow.Its the words that count.Why does a song have to be fast or R+B or rock or hardcore to be good??? I love R+B.I'm a 14 year old girl and quite popular at school just because I like to be different.But this song really does it for me.This songs original.I disagree with everyone that says his trying to copy someone else.And this guys got talent.People should stop trying to be cool by listening to something just because its fast and then they dont even like it. GET OVER YOURSELF and listen to the whole song for once and listen to the words. Erin Rochê
Jean 2005/11/07 9:14 AM
Sally Williams Nougat Hey Roche. I loved that song too, as you'll see if you read the words in the review a bit more carefully. "Title Track" means the song Sally Williams Nougat, because it has the same name as the title. Trust me, I did listen to the album and to the words... that's what a reviewer does, over and over again. Valiant Swart - Deur Die Donker Vallei
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