James Blunt - All the Lost Souls

2007-09-26 06:28
So he targets a way more lucrative adult contemporary audience by easing into a retro, new-age-kind-of-sensitive-guy straight jacket last worn by sentimental 70s troubadours like Cat Stevens, James Taylor (“1973”) and Harry Nilsson (“One of the Brightest Stars”). Harry who? Relax. As its cheerlessly obvious title advertises, All the Lost Souls is a confession session beautiful losers of all ages will relate to.
"Give Me Some Love” and "I Really Want You" are heartbroken metro-sexual chart ballad sighs about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Blunt is also honest (or should that be savvy?) enough to always complement narcissistic musings on his own mortality (“I'll Take Everything") and the loneliness of a celebrity lifestyle ("Give Me Some Love") with a subtly personal paparazzi critique (“Shine On”) and a sardonic kiss-off to a wannabe celebrity ex-lover (“Annie”).

Sure James sometimes pisses away his sweet falsetto soar by sitting on constipated pity pots like "Same Mistakes” and “I Can't Hear the Music”. These are minor fillers on an otherwise killer set of rewardingly unpretentious soul-bearing that is primed to get every girl feeling gooey - and most guys wanting to weep over having to talk about their feelings again.

- Miles Keylock

Despite his name, James Blunt is a subtle singer-songwriter. He knows that simply replicating the suicidal pop pitch of his smash hit break-up ballad “You're Beautiful” isn’t going to cut it with today’s attention-deficit-driven generation.

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Travis 2007/09/27 11:07 AM
James Blunt I'd rather gargle with razor blades, or stick a screwdriver in my ear than listen to this crap....
neo 2007/09/27 12:01 PM
SORRY Sorry 4 you Travis.....maybe you not do wat you say you would do...and really listen to his cd frm the last one to the new.....and may you wil learn something.....Frm the army to a good breaking selling cd...was not done by crap!!!
Renay 2007/09/27 12:15 PM
All the lost souls You better start gargling, Travis, you re gonna be hearing allot of James Blunt this season.
Penal 2007/09/27 5:32 PM
Neo Neo, are you by any chance an English teacher? Your writing style is impeccable...
Theo 2007/09/27 8:21 PM
Penal Penal, I have a faint suspicion that you are being facetious with young (I hope to god) Neo. I suggest you try comprehending his plight - he is, after all, valiantly defending this magnificent piece of art by ingenue James Blunt. I would gladly pay to read Neo's views on deconstruction and postmodernism and I cannot help but wonder where on earth he found the idea for his rather intriguing nom-de-plume?
vusi 2007/09/27 10:05 PM
jame blunt aaah man your musiC "ROCKS" , i love it keep up the good work , especially the song titlled 'one of the brightest stars' it brings me down to earth.
DJ Q 2007/10/16 6:51 AM
james blunt i think that his music is so awesome it gives you sense of lingering eternity when you listen to it , it is so smooth , yet again down to earth in a more mild way.
king Chauke 2008/06/02 9:25 AM
All the lost soul I believe James Blunt is a great artist, he is got a clear voice and know exactly what he likes. He sings of life exeprience he developed a sense of sensetivity to people through his songs. His songs speaks to people as good news and guidance that we really wanted in our life. He is a marvel to be watched. I wish that he stay original the way he is and never change, he is got a golden voice. You can feel that he sing out of his heart. He is doing it with all his heart he loves what he is doing. Keep up the good work. Honestly I would not mind to buy all his collections.
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