James Morrison - Songs for You, Truths for Me

2008-10-13 08:05
No seriously, James is a spirited, commercial sign of the times. Bringing a pretty face and slightly interesting vocals, he'll certainly be adding a bit of soul to the rock and pop charts, without shaking things up too much by being ugly, or musically daring.

The album is packed with solid, comfortable, singable songs designed to fill stadiums and break hearts. With lyrics that stay the right (read, simple) side of poetry, and tunes that err on the side of sweet supposed sincerity. James doesn't want to complicate things, and as with his first album, keeping it simple and stupid works for him, musically as well as… financially, I guess.

But Songs for You, Truths for Me is really not going to excite you much if you're a real soul fan, or a real fan of singer-songwriters, and it's frustrating to hear to much talent there, and wish someone had forced James to do something just a little bit more artistically adventurous.

- Jean Barker

Why does everyone sing like Rod Stewart? Has his spirit passed on, while he tours the world, only appearing to be human?

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