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Jamie Lidell - Jim

2008-07-14 10:56
This music's undeniable value is all in the execution; in Jamie's perfectly expressive vocal control, and the neat but rich production and arrangements. Prince's deft, and often flirtatious modern touches bring tracks like the cute single "A Little Bit of Feel Good" and the Steely Dan-esque "Figured Me Out" back to the future.

Jim may lack charm and humanity, but it's clearly the work of at least one genius. It's so full of drive and energy that it's hard to take sitting down. The song writing style that on first play through appeared flat gives way gradually as you listen more closely to the richness behind it.

- Jean Barker

Producer Prince got everything right here, and Jamie sounds wonderful. Though Jim doesn't immediately deliver on the trippy promise of the Grey's Anatomy single "Multiply" (mixed by the brilliant Matthew Herbert, among others), this elegant but spirited album is a perfect result of their collaboration - a homage to Motown's style, and formulas, but also a reinvention of them.

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