Jamie T - Panic Prevention

2007-07-26 10:32
In the cynical UK rock scene, this 22-year-old's debut album is refreshing without being too challenging. Jamie is a stylish voice perfect for taking a trend forward – he’ll pick up a large niche audience that want the edgy rock-revival sounds of Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles, Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand blended with a bit of The Streets.

Jamie T can sing, but he's done something more interesting here - blended in some talking in tune, and all the while between sloppy raps and catchy choruses telling confusing South London stories about being young, being irresponsible, and not so much being happy as very, very alive - alive enough to risk it all with too many drugs, too much booze and other people's girls.

He's got that lyrical talent untainted by preciousness when he describes an angry girlfriend going out with her mate Stella on the piss to drown her love sorrows, "Her screams calling London".

He's got that one unforgettable track, the real SONG, in "Salvador", with its words wide open to interpretation, still surely celebrating excess. It's a melody made to be played on a drunken drive.

Jamie T's got it all going for him, if his second album can live up to this, if his talent doesn't get swallowed up by the same excesses that make him so addictive now, if it's just all a big act - if he doesn't just end up in some hotel room with a bag of coke (it comes up often) and a model (they have the best dealers) and the papparazi downstairs.

So, little-boy-lost fans, take a dose of this and call me in the early afternoon.

- Jean Barker
If Kate Moss were to hook up with a new muso lay post-Doherty, Jamie T might make a good match. He plays Paris (the city, not the jailbird), he parties, and he's got that rock 'n roll blood.

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Jonny 2007/08/19 7:24 AM
Also loved it Salvador is one of the year's highlights. Some filler on the album, though, I think. Didn't really get the same urge to save him from badness, though. Thanks for putting out the word re good music. J
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