Janet Jackson - Discipline

2008-03-14 10:46
Janet is clearly whipped! She preaches about love, being chained to her bed and reminisces about the good times. There’s an overbearing sexual theme running throughout the album which is initially fine, but gets kind of irritating when she starts whispering and mimicking that annoying breathing sound that Britney does when she sings about sex. Why do so many female artists feel the need to do that when singing about sex? It’s so 90s. It’s just not seductive anymore!

Discipline is filled with emotionless, monotonous and plastic R&B tunes we wouldn’t listen to if it wasn’t Janet Jackson singing. She’s got eight interludes which are silly conversations about girls giggling in the bathroom and playing a “Truth or Dare” game. Why a 41-year-old woman like Janet is still playing teenage games like Truth or Dare, you’ll never know. The album would have been just fine without these meaningless and juvenile space fillers!

Still, Discipline isn’t all bad. There are some seductive tunes like “Discipline” and the upbeat, disco joint “Rock With You”. The latter is sure to rock any party never mind cheesy lyrics such as “Strobe lights make everything sexier, shadows dancin’ on the wall.” “Feedback” is also making waves as a groovy dance-pop tune. Another song to look out for is the sensual love ballad “Can’t B Good” where she sounds so much like her brother, Michael. Discipline’s got some catchy beats and lovely tunes, but overall, if you’re a hardcore Janet Jackson fan you will find it to be very disappointing. It’s almost as if she’s holding something back.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

It’s clear that Janet’s career is on its way… to the toilet!. She needs to accept that she’ll never reach that late 80s peak ever again…and retire! There were days when I would do anything to get myself a copy of Janet’s All For You album or get a ticket to her show. But on her latest offering she trades in her usual hypnotic R&B jams for mediocre dance-pop. It’s very disappointing.

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Tyrone Walker 2008/03/12 7:12 AM
Janet Jackson I don't see how Janet Jackson's new album can be a dance flop, when the new album debut at no.1 on the billboard charts, and is still at no.1 on the billboard charts. I am certainly no Janet fan, but maybe whoever wrote that insert should get their facts right.
TMSM 2008/03/12 9:11 AM
The dance album to have I actually dont understand the fact that this cd is said to be a dance flop where as in sales and on the billboard charts is doing well, well to this person who wrote this review must re-edit this review because I do own this cd and its a great cd to have with producers like Ne-yo and Jermaine dupri, and not forgetting Rodney jerkins.
Shaun 2008/03/12 9:12 AM
Janet Jackson Clearly the person who wrote the insert has no idea what they are talking about ! Its the best album ever to be released by Janet. Track 7 is going to be a huge hit !
melchisedel 2008/03/12 9:32 AM
Janet jackson i disagree with anyone who thinks that janet album is a flob. this album is 10x best them her previous album 20 year old. you just gotta love the track Luv is of the hook.
Pedro Fernando 2008/03/12 11:49 AM
janet jackson - discipline I disagree with this review on JANETS new album ...its sensual,sexy listening pop ...u obviously don't understand the feeling and creativity behind it ...this album has tons of promise ,maybe not the edge of rhythym nation ,but this is a new phase in JANETS life and right now we love her magic and sensual overtones on her album no matter what anyone says ...its a feel good album ...its an album to dance and fall in love with...''feedback'' is a stunning groove to kick the album into mega pop sales and she is petite yet potent and looks fantastic in her new video too...we get tired of negative reviews from negative people in the music industry thats why our own sa stars /singers never reach international standards ...'' Pedro Fernando East Rand Stereo 93.9FM Music Compiler
Mr Sinister 2008/03/12 1:18 PM
Janet I agree completely with this review. The single off this album that's getting so much (unwarranted) airplay makes me feel physically ill. The thought of ever seeing the video judging from the little thumbnail at the top of this article is something I'm hellbent on avoiding. The lyrics are crass, repetitive deeply average. And the mixing sounds like it was done on a Saturday afternoon while nursing a massive hangover. I think Janet should have stopped after Velvet Rope. It was her most authentic work, while the stuff from the 80's with chubby Janet? All classics. I agree with Tiisetso Tlelima, she should bow out now, before she recruits a horde of slavish Daily 10 watchers who'll eventually drive her to shave her head.
Gucci 2008/03/12 1:45 PM
Apparently Mistaken Ummm....ja. You may have gotten it wrong here boet. Maybe next time you could add 'I think' or 'In my opinion' before each sentence.....clearly your review is just that...YOURS!!!
Claire 2008/03/12 2:42 PM
Claire I have not heard the cd yet, but I have read that it is number one in the US, so clearly whoever wrote the article is being subjective (not a good quality for any journalist). The majority of people seem to love it, as it is taking over the charts.
Lilly-Anne 2008/03/12 4:11 PM
Duh, people! Reviews ARE, by definition, SUBJECTIVE opinions. Nobody is objective, although some people are more knowledgeable. Usually reviewers, who hear a broader spectrum of music than those who made this album no 1 in the US hear. So well done on picking up the "opinion" in this piece. If you weren't so clever, I'd need to point out that what I'm writing now is my OPINION, just in case you thought i was like, an authority on opinions, or something.
Mr Sinister 2008/03/12 4:43 PM
whoop whoop Thank you for saving me from redundancy Lilly-Anne. You make my nipples hard. As an aside, I take the success of this album, particularly in the States, as a clear indication of the death of personal taste and it's dancey, "sensual sexy listening pop" status as a death rattle. Just a suggestion but try digging deeper for your music. You're online right now. you have all the tools at your fingers. Find the obscure traveling Scandinavian 4 piece band that only 9 people have heard of but they make you think of ice cream and days at the beach. That's music. This is... something else. bought, promoted, played, packaged, remixed to sh*t... Grief, imagine what it would sound like live. yuk.
JaXXaJ 2008/03/12 4:48 PM
Disipline the plastic I don't usualy agree with these reviews but you get two thumbs up on this, Janets last achivment was The velvert rope, that was here peak, but So much betta, is a brilliant track on the disipline..worth a listen
Yolandie 2008/03/12 4:52 PM
Hit. I agree with the review, all music, including Janet has become so plastic. I can't bear to listen to all the new hip hop pop cr*7 or whatever you call it. What ever happened to good, soulful, intelligent music, with real lyrics and not just panting.
Moeketsi Molokoane 2008/03/12 6:20 PM
janet rocks Who the hell is this, bcos this album rocks, it is her best since the velvet rope. So althougfh I apreciate the writer's opinion. like honestly it is a flippin awesome album. janet rock on. the are songs like 2nite, this can't be good, LUV (honestly the next big thing), the 1, people i can go on. this is a good 1 so buy the joint and judge 4 urself.
Vasilli 2008/03/12 10:01 PM
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANTLY FABULOUS!! TO THE REVIEWER: March 05, 2008, 10:55 AM ET Katie Hasty, N.Y. Dislodging Jack Johnson from the top after a three-week reign, Janet Jackson's "Discipline" bows at No. 1 on The Billboard 200. The Island Def Jam set moved 181,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen Soundscan, becoming the artist's sixth chart-topper. Source: Billboard.com ------------------------------------------------------------ The Big News: Janet Jackson’s Discipline debuted at Number One, selling 181,075 copies and ending Jack Johnson’s three-week reign atop the charts. Johnson fell to three, with Erykah Badu’s first album in five years, New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) debuting in slot number two. For Janet, Discipline marks the first time since 2001’s All for You that she has claimed the top spot. Rounding out the top five was rapper Webbie’s Savage Life 2 and Alicia Keys‘ As I Am. Source: Rollingstone.com 03/05/08 --------------------------------------------------- Just some useful informati
paul 2008/03/14 4:57 PM
discipline It's her best album since All for you, but no near comparison to the brilliant velvet rope. As for sinister he should go to a Janet concert, your opinion would change. Open your mind because clearly it's quite stunted.
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