Japan And I - Will Take Over The World

2007-08-03 17:33
J&I’s slew of spunky three-chord punk ditties about the joys of shagging at “Sunrise”, taking a “Leak”, chilling “By the Braai” and walking “Kaalvoet” are all feisty confession sessions aimed at chicks who’ve outgrown Avril Lavigne, but aren’t quite ready for Juliette and her libidinous Licks. Their chat room-ready post about the indisputable fact that “Koke ain’t no joke” is a spot on slice of cunning linguistic slapstick too.

Come to think of it, toss an unrepentantly witty ska-makeover of “Over The Rainbow” (yes, the Wizard Of Oz wrist-slitter) into the lucky packet and this pussy-powered pogo becomes the perfect disposable punk tampon to plug the tide of frat-boy emo-pop posers like Fall Out Boy jerking off all over the charts.

- Miles Keylock

Will Take Over The World? Not unless they lose the garish neon-teen-pop styling of their CD cover first they won’t. Still. The Joburg-based threesome’s quirky Lolita school girl grooming is bound to make a splash with more than just jocks on the prowl for another 'lesbian spank inferno' fantasy (remember T.A.T.U. ?).

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ralph 2007/08/28 8:38 AM
cool girls The CD is cool, but watch these girls live.
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