Jarvis Cocker - "Further Complications."

2009-09-08 08:16
Jarvis Cocker
Where have all the clever people gone?

I can’t remember the last time a musician has made me laugh, not including the countless times I’ve listened to something and thought, “this must be a joke”. But Jarvis Cocker, while remaining a consummate musician, is also a fabulous wit.

“Further Complications.” [sic] is playful, tells good stories and is very British. A charming pal from Cornwall, if you will. Even if he is a bit neurotic around women.

To be fair, Cocker’s lamentations and foibles on the subject of women are still the most part of what he does for a living, and still produce his best moments. “Fuckingsong” unleashes his fantasy persona – a sex god who is “always on time” – while still poking fun at his real-life inadequacies. “Leftovers” entreats the younger lasses to summon up their “surplus love & affection” for an aging Romeo, an endearing song, if a little unappealing as an invitation.

While not as catchy as Pulp could be, the band is quirky and flip, perfect for a Jarvis Cocker record. Blues, rock or disco: whatever genre they dish up, it rarely comes without a generous garnish of pop irony.

We’re past the point where Jarvis Cocker needs to prove that he makes sense as a solo musician. But if there was any lingering doubt, the witty narratives of “Further Complications.” put them neatly, enjoyably to bed.
"My morality is shabby / My behaviour unacceptable / No, I’m not looking for a relationship / Just a willing receptacle."

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