Jax Panik

2008-07-30 16:38
It’s all a little ridiculous until you realise how catchy – addictive even – Jax Panik can be. The scary union of “ooh, ooh, baby” lyrics and a nasal Yank accent usually brings out the rotten tomatoes come review time, but Jax Panik’s infectious hooks and ironic posturing are laboratory-tested to catch the cynics off-guard.
Barring the downer moment in “Red Robot” (“I don’t talk about good memories… I have none”), Jax Panik blends superficial skirt chasing and bite-size emotional nuggets into a light muesli best served when you’re feeling funky. For every “there is a ghost in this house holding me down”, a “hey girl, let me show you a good time” is never far off.

Jax Panik may outshine even the brightest disco lights, but we know fantastic driving music when we hear it. So if you happen to “borrow” your uncle’s Cadillac, take a drive up to the hill with some fast food and alco-pops and queue up a little “Russian Roulette” just after sundown. Sweet.

- Niel Bekker
He calls it powerpop, we call it booty-slapping dance rock goodness. Whatever you call it, Jacobus van Heerden’s tongue-in-cheek solo project is a powerful hit of “shut up and dance”.

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Charmaine 2008/10/13 11:39 AM
Jax Panik ABSOLUTELY love it!!!! Esp Cigarettes & Cinnamon and Russian Roulette .. funky happy music to start ANY day
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