Jay-Z - American Gangster

2007-12-19 13:02
The result is a wild hip-hop ride that sees Jigga updating the street pimping 70s stereotype for today's sophisticated urban contemporary ear - and embellishing it with plenty of autobiographical twists. Sexy horns flow over fat, slow, soul grooves, guitar wah-wahs and swirling strings while Jay drops some of the tightest rhymes he's delivered in years. Imagine Isaac Hayes’ Shaft swaggering in slow motion through today's mean streets and you're half way there.

Of course no true epic is complete without some VIP co-stars and on this front American Gangster doesn't disappoint. P Diddy provides the thick, slick production on "Pray", "American Dream" and the pumping "Roc Boys". Lil' Wayne does the pimping on the super-sexy Beastie Boys remake "Hello Brooklyn". Elsewhere Nas joins Jay to celebrate their "Success", while Pharrell creates the ultra-hip sparse beat jabs of "Blue Magic" and Just Blaze adds a so-cheesy-it's-ice-cool Miami Vice bling-rapped vibe to "Ignorant Shit". The bottom line? Jay-Z is back. So it might not be the Black Album, but it is the Blaxploitation album, and that's a good enough start.

- Miles Keylock

Heroin isn't hip-hop's usual drug of choice. So what's rap kingpin Jay-Zee doing delivering a narcotic-soaked narrative of love, power and addiction? Actually American Gangster is no ordinary album, it’s a conceptual project inspired by the new Denzel Washington flick of the same name. Only here Jay has booted out Denzel and created his own ‘Superfly’ 70s crime epic, casting himself in the lead as Harlem heroin hustler Frank Lucas.

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Bjorn 2007/12/17 9:06 PM
JAY WHO? This rapper is too overrated, I thought he retired what da hell he still doing in da game. H.O.V.A is dead as so is this album
nomfundo 2007/12/18 1:42 PM
Interrested in hearing more. After a disappointing previous album, I'd love to give this a listen. It can only be better.
Maz 2007/12/19 12:35 PM
dissapointed jigga is the man i believe he died and ressarected(black album -kingdom come) i felt this i waz the jay we should all be talkin about. but as for this album kaffer asablif "nigga pliz".but this cud be coz half the album waz ghosst written. cuttin to the chase...american ganster ait GANSTA! it ain wotsup at all. lil wayne killed it tho just not that hard enuf!! www.myspace.com/maznigga Maz
zamo 2008/02/22 2:22 PM
Roc Boys I thought Kanye did that beat? Anyways I enjoyed the Albums ( maybe its because I did not have any great expectations since I was dissapointed by Kingdom Come)
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