Jennifer Hudson

2008-12-12 15:44
It's taken four years since being booted off American Idol for Jennifer to release her debut album. Unlike many Idols contestants, she didn't rush into the recording studio or over extend her herself with cheap publicity promotions and concerts. She savored the moment, slowly feeling her way around a fickle industry, sang and acted alongside heavyweights like Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker and ultimately made contacts inside the industry before releasing her debut this year.
Likened to Aretha Franklin, Jennifer manages to pull off the attitude without any vulgar tackiness. "Spotlight" is gunning for the most overplayed single of 2008 and will likely be favoured in karaoke bars, but there are other gems like "I'm His Only Woman" with Fantasia (the other Idol winner) which is a hot leap up from Brandy and Monica's 90s "The Boy Is Mine". "Pocketbook" with Ludacris shows her fun, playful side, and "Jesus Promised Me a Home over There" makes sure you don't forget she's a good Baptist girl.

And what is an R&B album without power ballads? Jennifer belts them out with vigour on "Giving Myself", "You Pulled Me Through", "We Gon' Fight", "Invisible" and the uber-powerful Dreamgirls single "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going". You best believe it: this girl has a long career ahead of her. This is a slick R&B album that's worth a spot in your CD collection.

- Ashlin Simpson

Every so often an artist enters the music scene and blows everyone away. Jennifer Hudson could easily have ridden the rags to riches story without any effort at all, but she didn't. She's taken the opportunity American Idol presented and proven her mettle against the odds to confound the skeptics.

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Calum 2008/11/18 3:12 PM
Gold I bought this album a few days ago and I can't stop listening to's really great. I can see why she out-shone Beyonce in Dream Girls, her voice rivals that of the Queen B. I can't wait for the next album, she's come a long way since Idols
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