Jennifer Lopez - Rebirth - A reborn Jennifer Lopez

2006-03-29 21:42

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Rebirth draws on a greater variety of popular music styles than Lopez's previous albums. Its slick production, better beats and mix of hip-hop and funk will keep her fans, especially her teen audience, happy.

Notable songwriters on the album include the Jenkins brothers, who also wrote and co-produced "It's Not Right But It's Okay" for Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love, an album that relaunched Houston's career after an eight-year silence. If the title, Rebirth, is anything to go by, Lopez is looking to do the same.

In the Rebirth documentary on the bonus DVD, Lopez reveals that she's been listening to the superstars of old. The retro influence on Lopez's new style is clear . "Whatever you wanna do" nods specifically to the legendary James Brown and Streisand's influence is obvious in the dramatic "(Can't believe) This is me", a sad tale of love lost featuring an orchestra in the background co-written by Lopez.

Rebirth is definitely an album you can shake your booty to. Tracks like "Get it right (featuring Fabolous)" and "Get into my world" are destined to become club classics. Men of all ages love Lopez - that's a no-brainer , whether she's singing or not - but ballads like "Hold you down" and "I got u" will also appeal to Lopez's large female teen audience.

Verdict? This is Lopez's best effort yet. She's as sexy as ever but this time she's added more soul and funk to the package. The Limited Edition also comes with a DVD that allows you to see just how hot Lopez can be. In fact once you've listened to Rebirth, you might find yourself born again... as a Lopez fan.

- Soraya Abdulatief


Nice work, Ma'am!
- Top of the Pops

"Cherry Pie" is ... the only fun track on Rebirth -- if only because Lopez's handlers probably don't allow her near the pastry tray.
- Rolling Stone

Could this be La Lopez's attempt to extricate herself from the bubblegum and show us her talented side?

Eleanor 2005/04/15 12:48 PM
Rebirth I just love anything that Jennifer Lopez does
Tiffany 2005/04/16 10:26 PM
Jennifer Lopez J.LO has the perfect body! So perfect I'm green with envy. Rebirth
ISAIVANI 2005/04/18 8:25 AM
SYLVIA 2005/04/18 11:26 AM
Excellent She does everything ok. She iis the bomb
Z Nkosi 2005/04/18 1:34 PM
Something Funky Her latest album is definetly happening. She has never had an outstanding voice, but her voice sounds good with the type of material she chooses. Great Album. Yes
Jean 2005/04/18 2:16 PM
DA bomb? You mean, "she is Da Bum?"
Bianca 2005/04/18 9:25 PM
Jennifer Lopez - Rebirth An enjoyable new effort. Enjoyed the different influences and loved song like, "Step into my world".
Tiffany 2005/04/29 3:57 PM
REBIRTH Is the best album J.LO has ever made! I love it so much I sing along with the songs! J.LO's REBIRTH
Greg Walsh 2005/05/31 8:08 AM
Good Stuff She's STILL has what it takes!
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