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Jesse Harris - Watching the Sky

2009-08-19 10:09
Considering he's written Grammy Award winning songs for Norah Jones such as "Come Away with Me", it's strange that someone as camera-ready as Jesse Harris took so long to bring out his own album. His laid-back look epitomises his mellow chilled out sound.  His voice is soothing and seductive. He whisks you away to a lazy Sunday afternoon lazing around feeling the soft breeze flowing through your hair, being serenaded by a lover... just you, his words and his guitar.

His vibe is cooler than John Mayer and his look is better than Johnny Clegg (or Jesse). "Everyone was dancing or reeling / and the band was playing with feeling / while the rest of the world was rocking / you and I were sitting there talking" he sings on "Watching the Sky". It's the kind of sensitive-guy sentiment that any girl would love to hear; knowing she's getting undivided attention from someone who doesn't care about anything else that surrounds them.

Relax! Watching the Sky isn't some pop love sick album. It's a poetic masterpiece for the soul: original and from his heart and soul, making this album sound very personal. Don't be deceived by the suave vibe on the opening track "On the Day".  Harris is no Jimmy Screech. He has a rather sneaky innovative way of showing how versatile he is.
Harris thrives on being creative in the instruments he uses. "The Fool" steers slightly away from the cool jazzy sound of the rest of the album, with  a combination of West African marimba and banjo flowing nicely into each other.  Elsewhere "What You Wanted" sounds like it belongs a James Bond movie soundtrack. It has that "espionage and secret-agent on a mission" feeling all over it.

The true gem is his duet with Norah Jones , "It Will Stay with Us", on which Ms Jones she lends her angelic voice to a few verses. With her melodious tone and his cool sound, listening is like chilling in a hammock on a warm summer's day.

On the whole, the album is all sweet, no sour, with a sophisticated sound that's perfect if you want to escape that pop-rock craze being played all over the radio.

Norah Jones's mate, Jesse Harris's soft rock is as seductive as his look and is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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