Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul

2006-03-30 02:24

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Like Hilary Duff, Jesse is squeaky-clean enough to go on the campaign trail with the average conservative politician, and much better at looking cute than making music.

Pretty as a picture, little blonde Jesse gets limited writing credit for songs like "She's no you", which opens this monotonous album. It could be worse, but - like Michael Jackson's face lift - it's still pretty bad. The arrangements are full of R&B cliches like fingersnaps and arpeggio licks straight from the opening of the Footballers' Wives theme tune. When employed tastefully, these bits of cheese give songs a nice accessible kick (Danny K uses them well, for instance.) When trundled out constantly, as they are on Beautiful Soul, they're laughable.

On faster tracks Jesse sounds like Danny K cross-bred with a chipmunk. On slower numbers he's more bearable, but his honeyed vocals are indistinguishable from those of the ten for a penny teen idols he emulates.

Clearly, this formula has huge sex appeal for many teenage fans, who've bought the single enough to make his songs a hit all over the world, and an equally potent effect on whatever demon sits on Satan's right-hand side while he picks out pop radio playlists.

Beautiful Soul does have its moments of redemption. Like the title track, which goes "I don't want another pretty face / I don't want just anyone to hold / I don't want my love to go to waste / I want you and your beautiful soul", which is sweet - inner versus outer beauty is a theme that Jesse revisits again and again. Perhaps not sincerely?

Cynicism aside: good intentions, being a nice person, and even hiring top songwriter producers like Robbie Nevil, don't make you a true talent. Everything about this album feels terribly manufactured.

- Jean Barker


"Beautiful Soul" is cute, inoffensive pop at its finest and will certainly please fans of fellow squeaky clean teen stars such as Hilary Duff."
- Eve Jenkin for Undercover

Overall, Beautiful Soul is a very promising start to McCartney's career as a solo artist. A pleasant, undemanding collection of songs (bar the ballads), it's a definite hit for teenagers who like middle-of-the-road pop.
- ITWeb

Jesse McCartney (no relation to Paul McCartney) made his name as an Aussie TV star in a family drama called "Summerland".

Nicole 2005/08/31 8:11 PM
Jesse Rocks I think Jesse is cool and damn sexy and he doesnt have a bad voice at all.Whoever thinks he has a bad voice is just jealous.
Zoe 2005/09/01 3:50 PM
Jesse is Damn Fine! Ok, so I am just another teenage girl who thinks Jesse is super sexy, but I will admit that his sound is very bubble-gum pop. Who cares? He isn't offending ne one and this type of music still appeals to loads of people. This CD is good enough to satisfy his target market. Then again, if you don't like Beautiful Soul and Shes No You, don't buy this CD. My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
Bronwyn 2005/09/04 12:13 PM
Jesse is hot! Jesse is really hot! He does sound very pop, but who cares? Listen 2 his song words & u'll realise it's not so light. I think he's amazing. Rock on Jesse!
Traci 2005/09/04 12:18 PM
Beautiful soul the best song ever
ashleigh 2005/09/04 1:55 PM
is jesse still single?!!!! it is a beautiful song and ne one who doesnt like it must seriously consider medical help... chronicals of life & death
Lee-Andrie 2005/09/04 2:57 PM
jesse is so sexy! I love the songs they have a realy deep meaning.GO JESSE! Love you chronicals of live and death
Zinboo 2005/09/04 3:19 PM
Jesse McCartney Ag, I don't know, I just don't like pop. Good for him though. The Dandy Warhols
chicky 2005/09/04 4:50 PM
Best everrrrrrrrrrrrrr i think he's cd is great. he has such a way with words... sigh.... McFLY - Room on the third floor
chicky 2005/09/04 8:51 PM
oops made a mistake, his no he's!! McFLY - room on the third floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samantha J 2005/09/06 9:03 AM
POP should review POP Its about time that we get things balanced and let someone who actually enjoys good clean pop music review a pop cd and not someone who thinks the likes of R Kelly is king. And just how monotonous is R K? Isnt Happy People and Step in the name of love really one song?? Jessie McCartney did a good job on this cd maybe not the best voice around but he is not pretending to be anything but a POP singer who doesnt have to resort to crude language just so that he can sell more records. Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway
jill 2005/09/06 10:29 PM
shes no you I WANT THAT SONG I LIKE IT VERY MUCH beautiful soul
jill 2005/09/06 10:29 PM
shes no you I WANT THAT SONG I LIKE IT VERY MUCH beautiful soul
melinda 2005/09/13 2:58 PM
Jessie McCartney-beautiful song(whole CD) i love it. his vioce is beautiful and his very handsome beautiful song - Jessie McCartney
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