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Jesse McCartney - Right Where You Want Me

2007-01-15 11:59
As long as there are hormonal lovesick teens agonising over whether they look better in the red pumps and sheer lip-gloss or the cork wedges and orange eye-shadow, there'll always be Jesse McCartney albums they can lip-synch to in their bedroom mirror.

Not that there's anything hormonal or superficial about McCartney (he seems plenty love-sick though). It's just that the 19-year-old's second studio album slots so painfully perfectly into the bubblegum pop genre.

Jesse McCartney - no relation to former Beatles rocker Sir Paul McCartney - will keep his teen fan base happy with his new selection of tracks. He's received airplay on a range of radio stations nationwide. However, his latest album is limited in method and motif. Right Where You Want Me reeks of love lost, love found and, well, love in general.

Tormented teens will relate to 'loving your best friends' girl' with "Just So You Know", while "Right Back in the Water" is for those torn between hanging on, or leaving a doomed relationship.

But what's rather strange is how this muso can set almost any kind of lyric, from being lied to ("Just Go"), being let down ("Anybody") and being lifted up ("Feelin' You") to an upbeat tune.

Although McCartney's baby-faced looks would have him perfectly cast in Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill or even The OC, Right Where You Want Mecan be enjoyed by a wide pop-rock audience. Unfortunately it's packaged for the teen market, so some potential fans might miss out.

The native New Yorker seems a bit like a young Nick Carter (the thin, blonde, squeaky-voiced, former Backstreet Boy). Maybe he'll grow up to become a Rob Thomas of sorts - but only if his voice and sound matures.

- Megan Kakora
Jesse McCartney is not related to Paul. But he's prettier than any girl and he's got the pop formula down pat on his second album.

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