Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair

2007-03-16 15:40
Is she a reanimated wax doll? We aren't sure, but perhaps you can help us decide by kindly looking at some pictures of her in a bikini. Take a look


Attempting a fresh start at her music career, Simpson has released her fourth studio album A Public Affair under her new label Epic Records. Ending the six-year relationship with Columbia, Simpson seems to have found as much writing freedom as on her previous album In This Skin, having co-written most of the tracks. However, this so-called freedom doesn't seem to offer much originality to the average bubblegum-pop fan. And even less to the non-bubblegum-pop fan.

Even help from heavyweight producers such as Scott Storch, Jerry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, Cory Rooney and Lester Mendez can't help A Public Affair but sound like a throwback to the greatest hits of the 1990s.

The opening and title track "A Public Affair" is similar to Kylie Minogue's "The Locomotion", while the disco-pop "You Spin Me Around" is a cover of Dead or Alive's #1 UK hit single. "B.O.Y.", complete with synthesizers and all the other techno-pop trimmings, samples the guitar riff from The Cars' "Just What I Need".

Anyone who's heard Jessica Simpson's debut single "I Wanna Love You Forever" can't deny that this once gospel singer has a set of pipes that skrik for niks. Unfortunately, Simpson barely lets that talent out the box, and keeps her vocals restrained on tracks such as the R&B-infused, Janet Jackson-like "If You Were Mine", almost to the point of whispering over notes on "Walkin' Round In A Circle".

Movies inspire music. Music inspires movies. But there's a very, very fine line between tasteful and tacky. And Ms Simpson has not only crossed it, she's kicked it in the nuts. Her role as Daisy Duke in the recent remake of The Dukes of Hazzard seems to have been the inspiration behind the sadly infectious honky tonk track "Push Your Tush".

While "Between You & I" is reminiscent of Ghosts' emotive "Unchained Melody", it's the Scott Storch-produced "Fired Up" that's the real disappointment. Great things are usually expected from the man who produced big hits on Christina Aguilera's Stripped and Beyonce's Dangerously in Love, and made Paris Hilton audible. Sorry to say, "Fired Up" simply sounds like a Britney Spears remix.

With a title like A Public Affair, this album at first glance offers a juicy promise. But once listened to, it's clear that Simpson makes no reference to her very public split from ex-husband and singer Nick Lachey. No dirty laundry gets aired, no bitchy comments are made, and absolutely no scandalous gossip is leaked.

The only thing juicy about A Public Affair is the collaged centre-spread of the liner notes. Conversely, Jessica Simpson's attempt at the sexy, husky songstress is rather depressing; if only she would continue what she had set out to do… sing.

- Megan Kakora
Three albums, two films, one cancelled reality television show and a failed marriage later, not much has changed in terms of Jessica Simpson's musical style… unfortunately.

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Mina 2007/03/18 07:56
heard it and hate it Maybe between a plastic surgery and another she can try to revive herself listening to some good music and sin it ......only
Suzaan 2007/03/18 11:06
Jessica Simpson Yeah, the pictures look WAY to much like a wax dolls!!!!
katelyn 2007/03/18 14:54
Jessica Simpson Dont know too much about her music but I do think she is beautiful! Hell - I would be happy to look like that..even if people called me a wax doll!
rafiq 2007/03/18 15:02
songs are ok her body. she"s just my type . absolutely gorgouss or to say a godess
Daantjie 2007/03/18 16:53
No review without bad language I cannot write a review on this album without using bad language. Jessica is a blond bibmo who cannot sing, just like Patricia Lewis. Sorry, I'll pass.
neo 2007/09/10 19:03
good gone bad i use to like her so much..back in the days ......she started the im a V thing.....bfore she was marrd to nick.....but as they say '''if you can beat them join them....and S sells...big time./.....
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