Jet - Get Born

2006-11-07 11:27

From the cover of Get Born, (Revolver, anyone?) to the Rolling Stones, Beatles-and-Blur, AC/DC influences, to their attitude, to their large phallic flying object name, originality is not Jet's game. But they're easy to enjoy. The Chester brothers' hot and creamy vocals carry one great, and eminently recognisable, rock tune after another, from the opening track "Last chance" - a silly, blustering, possibly self deprecating pull song, to the rocking and lustful "Are you going to be my girl" to the last track.

Less charming songs include "Cold hard bitch" - boring, dated sexist nonsense, with cool drums. "Move on" drones on. "Get me outta here" exploits the old tired Springsteen 'leaving town' theme. Nobody who's heard the White Stripes once should bother trying to do that better.

Style-wise, they're Zep-meets-Nirvana. Lank haired and dressed in floppy tops and flares. They don't like disco. These kids of today say:"You know, the kids of today, they dress too well!" These guys are retro in the extreme.

It gets a bit retarded sometimes. Jet's self indulgent - though funny - attack on club DJs who eat up live bands' airtime by playing other people's songs all night, with lyrics like Well I know that you think you're a star / a pill-popping jukebox is all that you are, makes a perfect anthem for their endangered species of live rock music. And it's not just onstage that Jet don't think they're getting their fair share of attention. Take "Radio song": This won't be played on your radio tonight they tunefully whine. Paradoxically, what do we really have here is a really radio friendly song bitching about how they won't get airplay, which will no doubt get them plenty of airplay...

But Jet will will be forgiven for their many flaws because deep down, they're sweet guys. And they prove it with the lovely (Beatles-derivative), unremarkable yet undeniably catchy "Look what you've done".

Without being brilliant, Jet earn a place in your play list by reminding us of the original romance of rock 'n roll. Which is? The dream of being silly self righteous angry boys in dirty clothes, playing music, getting laid, and acting all hard done by. Terribly cute, really.


"In keeping with their knuckle-dragging enthusiasm for Disco Sucks T-shirts, they also fulminate against the subject of Rollover DJ for "playing other people's records all night". This is rather hypocritical considering it would take a trained musicologist several weeks to tell Get Born apart from the back catalogues of AC/DC and the Rolling Stones."
- Dorian Lynskey for The Guardian. Rating: *

"Slavish imitation always works best when everyone is too busy rocking out to care."
- Rob Kemp for Rolling Stone. Rating ***

Critics slate Aussie "garage rockers" Jet for being a copycat act. But why bother? The Aussie foursome make no attempt to disguise their lack of originality.

Chris 2004/05/20 10:52 AM
Jetting around in the dark I like this band, but I know that after a few months, I'll never listen to them again. But that's pop, I guess. Like The Darkness - I'll never listen to them again, but they fuelled a few beer-driven parties. White Stripes - Elephant
Luigi 2004/05/20 10:57 AM
jet rock! love this band, they're like the pixies for the 2000s. Especially Rollover DJ. Satie - Gymnopedies
goda 2004/05/20 11:01 AM
I wish I WERE Jet Music like this makes me realise how much better my life would have been, if only I were a man. Yizo Yizo 3 - Various SA artists
man 2004/05/21 11:49 AM
what is this?? I dont really gell with this kinda of music, but like Chris does feul those raucous parties...
CodeCrusader 2004/05/21 11:59 AM
Jet Jet Jet I like this. Cant stop listening to it Def Leapard
Peter 2004/05/24 9:42 AM
I have never heard of them before I have never heard of them before are they a good band
Jean 2004/05/24 10:34 AM
Peter: check out the clips on the LhS HI Peter, on the left hand side of this page, you'll see music clips in the Lilac box. You click on the song titles to listen to the clips. That way, you can decide for yourself what you think of the Album, before you consider buying it. Enjoy. The White Stripes - White Blood Cells
Shane 2004/07/19 12:21 PM
Not I like entertainment
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