Jill Scott: Live in Paris

2008-05-30 16:06
The sound is impeccable as Jilly saunters on to the stage simply dressed in a t-shirt and pants with sneakers, with her huge ass Afro and her killer smile. She starts the first set with the all time favorite "The Way", from her unforgettable debut Who is Jill Scott?. This time around, it’s been remixed with a banging bass hook and it’s more up-tempo and cheeky. This sassy and classy artist introduces her bass player for a complete solo before segueing into the second track “Whatever” from her second album Beautifully Human. It’s so natural and made even more beautiful with a xylophone in the mix. Jill Scott means business. The powerful ode to men “We need you” is pure poetry in motion as each word and sound is heard and deeply felt. By the time she belts out "Golden" you're mesmerized and just wish you were in Paris in that concert hall singing along with the crowd. She finally invites her fans to sing along with the classic hit "He Loves Me". It’s a beautiful harmony as the French crowd sings along.

If you thought that was it, there are extra bonus features. There’s a behind-the-scenes documentary shot on the streets of Paris, a short live concert of Jill at the Los Angeles House of Blues and four tracks from The Real Thing. Jill Scott is an artist. As she aptly put it, “I believe there’s a difference between an artist and an entertainer. I’m not dissing entertainers of course, but I see myself as an artist. There is no tape playing in the background, there are no dancers, it’s just voices, musicians and talent”. Enough said.

-Gugulethu Mkhabela
Fans disappointed by Jill Scott’s Mzansi concerts being cancelled will be able to soothe their urge to see Jilly from Philly in action with her first live DVD. Released hot on the heels of her acclaimed third album The Real Thing, Live in Paris is an awesome audio-visual journey through Jill’s famous and much loved words and sounds. Recorded at Paris’ famous Elysee Montmartre, the sold-out, intimate, standing only room concert is ideal for capturing Jill Scott’s essence.

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