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Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light

2007-11-20 10:58
It's just too clean. Clean in the sense that all the rough edges of their sound have been sloughed off, the razor sharpness and irregularity of "Sweetness" are no more. On Chase This Light it's been replaced by empty melodic constructions like "Big Casino" and "Always Be" which sound prime candidates for the soundtrack to the next season of Grey's Anatomy. It seems that they have decided to play it 'safe' by sticking to mainstream pop/rock conventions, which is sad because it’s obvious even underneath the flawless production that there is some rawness yearning to spill thorough.

Whinging aside one thing that can't be denied is these guys ability to churn out a good ol' heart wrenching rock ballad that makes you remember your fussiest and finest moments. “Dizzy” fills that quota, in which Jon Adkins nimbly swoons over days gone by and lost love over a lumbering drum beat and sugary guitar rifts. It's a good effort on their behalf, but maybe not the best way to meet them.

If you're a Jimmy virgin, pick up Bleed American first. For all the fans don't be surprised if you feel a little betrayed after listening to Chase This Light.

- Erica Chidi
Chase This Light is a bittersweet offering for any devoted Jimmy Eat World fan. It lacks the hypnotic electricity of their debut album Bleed American and the melancholic drone of Futures.

Andrea 2008/03/19 3:51 PM
Jimmy Rocks While your views are well expressed and substantiated, I have to disagree with your final opinion that Chase This Light is overproduced and too smooth. I think it represents a welcome maturity in Jimmy's sound, and there's something really epic about their ballads, especially the title track. I think the string arrangements on 'Gotta Be Somebody's Blues' are amazing too. And there's still that irrepressible rawness and punk edge on tracks like 'Give it Up'. By the way, the frontman's name is JIM Adkins.
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