Jimmy Eat World - Invented

2011-01-20 14:44
Jimmy Eat World's seventh release, Invented, will tug at your heartstrings (just a bit) while you appreciate a few aggressive – but fresh – riffs that"ll have you tapping your foot along rather than jumping up and down with your air guitar.

It's a well-written album, make no mistake, but it lacks the "Oomph!" that previous albums like Bleed American and Clarity offered.

Lyrics are unsurprisingly meaningful and thought-provoking, b But there's no fiery hard-hitting rock or tear-jerking thunder cloud - something one really expects from these guys. Simply put, Invented is mediocre.

It IS an enjoyable album in some respects, though, in that it's reflective and sincere, and it will grow on you. But if you're looking for instant gratification, this album is not for you.

"Coffee and Cigarettes"  comes close to offering that quick fix, but to be fair, with the band seven albums into their career, coming close is just not good enough.

Any fan of a good riff is going to love the opening track, "Heart is Hard to Find". The acoustic guitars, handclaps and weaving orchestra sound spectacular and like the rest of the album, you"ll like the track more and more every time you listen to it.

"Evidence" steals the show a little, but leaves you feeling like you've just heard a little glimpse of what the album could have been, as do tracks like "Mixtape", "Cut" and "Littlething".

They"re all good, but there"s nothing new - ironic, given the title.

So don't give it a complete miss if you're a fan. It"s an easy-to-listen-to album. It's just that it"s not going to blow your skirt up. Again, seven albums in, that's disappointing.

The sentimental pioneers of emo are back... with nothing groundbreaking, unfortunately.

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