Jody - Just Gonna Be Me

2009-01-09 15:44
The shy teen pop diva in training showed her mettle when faced with possible elimination on Idols South Africa, she stepped it up and her restraint was left backstage, resulting in her coming out tops. And it's that determination that will see her succeed in this business.

The album starts off promisingly. Title track "Just Gonna Be Me" and "Kiss of Life" have already been receiving airplay, but both these jams are missing Jody's teen pop target market completely. The video for "Kiss of Life" is a tad too old school for today's young R&B fan. Still, it would be sinful to box her into that urban contemporary genre which targets 35 to 40 year old moms. While the album spews out a steady stream of such tracks that are clearly targeted at chart success, surely it's better to get the girl into some Converse and jeans and let her have some fun already?
The dance tracks are where it's at and show Jody's fun side. "Are You Ready", "Shout It Out" and "Wind It" feature both the Williams sisters with Jody's sister Candice on backing vocals. It's these tracks that will get attention on dance floors and 18-year-old birthday parties. More ballads follow, which seem to be Jody's forte. "What If", "Broken Promises" and "Who am I" are more youthful than the previous ones though and give hope that she won't be just another Celine Dion wannabe.

It would be exciting to see Jody experiment and be more edgy – in the same way Kelly Clarkson has spread her wings since American Idol. She has the talent to pull it off and if she follows her instincts and does what she loves she just might be SA's most successful Idol yet.

- Ashlin Simpson

If her first album is anything to go by, then tiny Jody Williams is on to something. Just gonna be me is on the good end of the pop scale, and there's a hint of attitude bubbling under that sweet exterior.

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Justine 2008/08/27 8:43 AM
Cover Jody is indeed very talented, but her management team have done her a huge injustice by making her look like a naff 80's one-hit-wonder on her album cover. However, she's not as naff as Heinz and seems more driven than Anke. I don't even remember the other idols, apart from Karin who is more notorious for her bad taste in men than her talent. I still think Gift should have been an idol. At least he's got a personality.
Bianca 2008/08/27 8:53 AM
own opinion no she is not the best idol ever i think Munro should have one his better and more mature he's got what it takes to be an idol
Lee 2008/08/27 9:02 AM
Opinion Jody deserved to win idol's and i dont think people should start comparing and remarking the most rediculous things now when all the fun of voting is over, so get a life Biance maybe you should go and sing on idols and we can see just how good you are lol
Bianca 2008/08/27 9:31 AM
to lee excuse me they asked a question and i answered it no need to be rude and personal LEE and by the way i bet i can sing far better than you. so shut your mouth never asked for your opinion KNOW IT ALL oh yeah and you spell my name BIANCA not biance like you spelled it dumb ass
phyl 2008/08/27 10:11 AM
Bianca & Lee Now Now girls - BE nice, dont make me come over there
annie 2008/08/27 10:13 AM
opinion Actually BIANCA, votes are what count - and Jody scored the most - accept it. Why lower the tone of the poll? You make Lee sound very sophisticated compared to you!
phyl 2008/08/27 10:15 AM
Bianca & Lee Now now girls, BE nice, dont make me come over there
Lance 2008/08/27 10:22 AM
My opinion I dont think that any idol is better than the other. jody is indeed one of the most talented singers i have ever heard. she has the ability to give one goose bumps which not many artists are capable of. so i wish her all the best and make us proud!!!
Lee 2008/08/27 10:58 AM
Lee To Biance (lol) You answered the questions in a stupid way and insulted people who support Jody you Dumb A@s..Go back to school and ask to repeat grade 1.. (if they will accept you that is)
Theresa 2008/08/27 11:30 AM
Is Jody SA's best Idol ever? No, I don't think so!
Thulile 2008/08/27 11:33 AM
Ms I'm convinced that she'sgot what it takes. I'm impressed
Tammi H 2008/08/27 11:57 AM
Jody is Fabulous As the producer of the music video I can quite confidently say that Jody is fantastic and her voice sounds just as amazing "cold" as it does when she sings with the music. She is very friendly and enthusiastic and extremely talented and was a pleasure to work with. Myself and the director, Tamarin Kaplan, were very happy with the outcome of the video and we know that Jody was too! Keep it up honey! You're going to go far! xxxx
Martin 2008/08/27 12:08 PM
Hopeless If she was the best that idols could deliver then we may as well give up.
Bianca 2008/08/27 12:22 PM
dearset lee i am a qualified doctor in brain surgery at groote schuur so if you need a brain scan please dont hesitste to give me a call. my number is 0800 SHUT UP
Bianca 2008/08/27 12:24 PM
To Martin I agree 100% with you buddy :) May you have a fabulous day!
Lee 2008/08/27 1:06 PM
Whoever.. Pathetic to see how some disrespectful people dont appreciate brilliance when they see it. Hating only comes from a low self image of one's self.
SURIYA PILLAY 2008/08/27 1:23 PM
sp Very Proud of Jody. I knew she would win from her very first audition.
bianca 2008/08/27 1:36 PM
own opinion forget all the nastyness, there was other talent that was better than her so im entitiled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours. have a great day lee
Uncle 2008/08/27 1:57 PM
Did Cliff Write her tracks Ummm...Call me crazy, but those sound like the lyrical stylings of the great Cliff(ord) Jennings.
L 2008/08/27 3:14 PM
SA's best? I'm sorry, she's a sweet girl - but she does not have the wow factor. The songs are typical SA pop, the cover is unflattering and overall nasal sound. Honestly, compare this to American Idols? You can't. At least she's not as bad as Anke and co.
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