John Mayer - Heavier Things - John Mayer's sexier new solo

2006-03-29 18:31

With his follow up album Heavier Things entering the Billboard charts straight at # 1 Mayer is already being hailed as the next Dave Matthews, which as it turns out is a particularly apt analogy. Blessed with a similarly unpretentious penchant for unadorned middle of the road rock, Mayer is effortlessly at home on late night blues hued ballads ("Come Back to Bed") and comfortable folk flavoured jaunts ("Only Heart").

While on the effervescent pop breeze of "Bigger than My Body" he proves equally adept at evoking a Joshua Tree styled lilting rock landscape worthy of Bono and the Edge at their best.

And he's not averse to pushing his distinctive husky vocal delivery into more smooth and sophisticated listening territory either with a quartet of shimmering semi-acoustic jazzy shuffles ("Clarity", "Split Screen Sadness", "Daughters" and "Wheel") guaranteed to cross over to fans of both Michael Franks and Steely Dan alike.

On his major label debut, Room for Squares (2002), baby-faced singer-songwriter John Mayer's well-crafted blend of folk pop and adult contemporary ballads proved the perfect antithesis to the pre-packaged plethora of teen pop, rap and R&B on offer every time you turn on the radio.

goda 2003/12/19 3:36 PM
It's *nice* but that's it It's not brilliant. It's so MOR. I guess, if it were sex, it would be procreative not just wild and for the sake of it. Led Zeppelin - IV
israr 2005/08/30 1:25 PM
very good stuff if ur into slow stuff then u will love this album.ill never get bored of it.. oasis-morning glory
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