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Johnny Clegg tells our story - A musical visionary, an exhilarating listen

2006-03-29 18:23

A South African Story: Live at the Nelson Mandela Theatre is an exhilarating listen, charting Clegg's own personal evolution in sound over 30 years in music, from early successes with Juluka to global stardom with Savuka and beyond.

Cutting to the core of the universal human emotional experience Clegg's live retrospective proves to be an uplifting history lesson, a musical map that embraces a breath-taking marriage of authentic homegrown sounds.

From insurgent protest songs ("Bullets for Bafazana", "Giyani"), wistful Pan African paeans ("Great Heart", "Scatterlings of Africa") and effortlessly lyrical Afro-pop gems ("Cruel Crazy Beautiful World") to idealistic folk flavoured reflections ("Colours of Change", "December African Rain") and a host of Proudly South African anthems ("Impi", "Asimbonanga").

In an age where many South Africans are still struggling to come to terms with a common identity, A South African Story is not merely a nostalgic listen it's a timeless testimony to the power of one man's unflagging musical vision.

Given South African pop music's turbulent history, the succession of flash-in-the pan one hit wonders and dismal dead-ends for so many so-called "great" bands there is one iconic figure who continues to stand proud, forging an art at once defiant and deeply human: Johnny Clegg.

goda 2003/10/16 2:51 PM
Just hearing the names of the songs... I felt strangely moved. I've never been a huge fan of the SOUND or any fusion that feels obviously fusion - where the elements are audible seperately. I like my soup not salad. But you can't deny the emotional power of this music. Gereformeerde Blues Band - Eet Kreef
linden 2003/10/20 7:58 AM
all all wonderful - he is king
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