Jonas Brothers

2008-08-19 17:43
The lyrics on their self-title second studio album are pretty thin and only a few tracks run over three minutes, but the Jonas Brothers' music is what teens can identify with and there'll always be pimple-faced teenyboppers looking for pop rock they can relate to.

Nick, Joe and Kevin's squeaky clean image perfectly matches their squeaky clean voices and music. They might've cleaned up at the Teen Choice Awards in 2008, but they're far from rock stars, each promising to "stay pure" until marriage and wearing purity rings. But whether you love or hate these "principled" brunette Ken dolls, you can't deny the listenability of the album.
Jonas Brothers is mainly an uptempo collection of teen rock, with pop elements influencing the first and second singles "Hold On" and "S.O.S.", while the third single "When You Look Me In The Eyes" is a dulcet rock ballad. There's even a hint of pop punk, reminiscent of Fall Out Boy, heard non "Goodnight & Goodbye", but for the most part you'll be pleasantly surprised at the not-quite-bubblegum teen pop of the Jonas Brothers.

Oh, and just as a word of warning, the CD uses CDVU+ technology, which means it'll hijack your computer's functions as soon as you pop it into the tray and will begin downloading alien software. It's all harmless though.

- Megan Kakora

Hands up if you remember Hanson. Or maybe one of the more popular groups of the 1990s such as 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys? Many industry execs (and worried parents of hormonal teenage girls) thought boy bands were a thing of the past. But the Jonas Brothers are leading the revival.

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skyla walsh 2008/09/21 8:05 PM
ja awesom
Ryan 2008/09/26 1:22 PM
yummy I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS! they are the best thing in music today! :]
lUPE 2008/10/10 5:34 PM
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tHE jONAS bROTHERS aRE tIGHT!!! tHEIR mUSIC iS sO [obscenity deleted]ING hOT!!! :D N tHEY aRE hOT tOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sPECIALY nICK jONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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