Jose Padilla - Bella Musica 2

2008-02-01 05:46
The diversity of the album is far reaching, spiced with elements of samba, lounge, jazz, house, soul and with a bluesy undertone as the staple ingredient. Perhaps that is its biggest flaw. It does not have that life-of-the-party pizzazz. It’s more “Moonglide” and “Sedatives”. It continues without you, a loner on its own “I Scare Myself” tip. And although that tip smells of cool, it also smells of exclusivity – a members only type of vibe.

Natalie Sineke
It is the kind of chill out music that takes you outside yourself and returns you to its moody, mellow rhythms, unsure of where you were and yet refreshed by the momentary escape.

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