Josie Field - Mercury

2006-11-23 15:48
Chances are you have heard Josie Field’s single “Every Now & Then” on radio and thought she sounded a bit like Alanis Morissette or even Henry Ate. Even though pop is not her genre, this hit single can trick you into thinking it is.

Her latest album, Mercury is strongly influenced by folk and a fresh country sound. At times it even sounds a little alternative. But whatever genre you choose to define it by, the album is definitely packed with sing-along melodies.

The popularity of the new folk and country genre, essentially an American genre, is growing in SA.

Essentially, new folk is a movement away from popular electronic music. Josie Field’s new album fits in perfectly with this new trend.

What makes the album a success is the quality of Josie Field’s mature voice and serious lyrics. Her voice range stretches from deep notes in “Every Now & Then” to higher notes in “Yes I Take That Very Personally”.

Mercury was produced by Kevin Leicher, who use to play for bands like Henry Ate, Diesel Whores and Piet Botha. Kevin owns Darkstar Studios where they recorded Josie’s album.

Final verdict? Josie has a strong voice and the album brings a fresh sound to the SA music scene. Unfortunately, a lot of the songs on the album sound the same.

If quiet is not your new loud, than maybe this album isn’t for you.

- Annel Malan
Josie Field brings a fresh new voice to the South African music scene. A voice you can’t ignore.

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mrfixitafrica 2006/11/13 9:58 AM
Mercury 'Josie Field' By far the best singer songwriter to come out of South Africa for years......and deserves to go global!
Sue Ettmayr 2006/12/20 10:17 AM
Mercury ~ Josie Field her mature voice at 22 astounds. Her own words are just so beautiful and at least she sends out positive messages to listeners.
liesel chamen 2007/03/30 7:57 AM
Mercury Have only heard 10 years - but it is FANTASTIC - very reminiscent of Tori Amos "Cornflake Girl". Very suprising that this is South African - took me a while to find her on the net - want the album!
Riaan 2007/03/30 5:07 PM
10 Years Bloody marvelous!
Luke 2008/01/14 3:35 PM
t-shirt dedicated to lauren...the whole album in fact,guess you gotta b in my shoes to understand/just listen to the cd...thanx Jozi your music has been food for my soul in very trying times.
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