Joy Denalane - Born & Raised

2007-05-09 15:59
This is Denalane's first English language album. Being a German-raised singer, with a South African father and German mother, she brings European soul together with US R&B to create a commendable CD that also features the hip-hop talents of Lupe Fiasco and Raekwon.

Denalane recorded most of the album in the Philadelphia, USA. Philly - known as the cradle of neo-soul - is the base of respected artists like Jill Scott and The Roots, and it seems a bit of their flavour has rubbed off on Born and Raised. “Let Go”, her first single, is getting major airplay on radio and MTV. It showcases her what? describe eg classy, etc. vocal talents and what, adjective? song writing style. All the tracks bar one are written by Joy and her husband/ business partner Max Herre.

Denalane writes and sings about everything. From having positive self-esteem, to politics, to love. She even remembers her roots with the tribute track “Soweto '76-'06”. Her lyrics are deep, and well thought out, with a strong message.

She has the soulful delivery of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, poetic skill of India.Arie, with the passionate vocal ability of Mary J Blige. This will appeal to fans of soul, neo-soul and old school R&B.Denalane’s only failure on this album is her tendency to scream. Sometimes it works. At others, she sounds like a woman in labour.

- Nomfundo H. Mbaba+Tshabalala


“There is a mark of undeniable Motown soul and musical bliss in every note Joy Denalene births from her passionate lungs on her US debut album, Born and Raised…The result is an amazing buffet of sound that will take you to church, bathe you in the blues, lace you in love, and nod your neck in rhythmic appreciation.”
-Ben J Brown Jr for

“Joy Denalane has gotten barely a fraction the attention that the British Soul singer Joss Stone has received in the US, but Denalane is arguably far more talented, polished and emotive.”
-Mark Edward Nero for
Joy Denalane infuses soul with some old school R&B and splashes of of hip-hop. Her new album new album, Born & Raised, is a pleasure.

lila 2007/05/09 3:14 PM
I have this CD and I love it. she has god voice
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