Juan Melvin - Minder Is Meer

2008-10-27 18:43
As much as we’d love to heal that rift, the genre isn’t exactly famed for its originality. That’s mostly okay: every niche has its traditions.

In Juan Melvin’s Minder Is Meer, we have yet another Afrikaans album with fourteen-odd tracks, a medley, oodles of covers and an English song or two, presumably to keep the Welsh fanbase happy. Again, not the end of the world.

When he could be appealing to our inner five year old (hint hint, Arno), Juan takes the slightly higher ground. He reanimates the thoughtful rock ‘n roll of Johannes Kerkorrel on a number of tracks, musing: “daar is dassies op die klippe en ‘n rooimier nes, ‘n kraai in die pad en die son sak wes”.

Not that he forgets to have fun. What would a Afrikaans pop album be without a well-placed “Jou lippe ruik soos aarbeie, jou vel na appelkoos, jou hare blink soos goue flas en jou glimlag maak my broos”. It ain’t Van Wyk Louw, but it makes a good tune to skoffel to.

If city slickers and hipsters could bear to peer over their designer frame glasses, they might see that there is a little maturity, a little evolution in Boere-pop. It’s not much, but it’s there, and we hope that this kind of artist can push the scene forward in the future, rather than some of the glorified photo opportunities that call themselves artists in this genre.

- Niel Bekker
Afrikaans pop is a battleground. In black and white: you have a-tonal Dutchmen with mullets on the one side who worship Kurt Darren and Bok van Blerk, and pretentious handsoppers with no sense of fun on the other, praying for their early retirement. Both stereotypes are only partly true, and mostly rubbish.

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Lily 2008/10/29 3:27 PM
Brrrrrr. I just know this won't be my thing, no matter how kindly you try to make me sympathetic. Kerkorrel was never as much of a fruit as this dude.
Piet Makwas 2008/11/28 9:12 PM
Good Show!!! This music is a compliment to Johannes Kerkorrel and Juan..JY MAG MAAR!!!!
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