Jub Jub - My Shine

2008-03-14 17:26
First his Mama was arrested for kidnapping and soliciting money from disadvantaged students. Then his guest spot was pulled off Gospel Gold on SABC 1 . Now Jub Jub is sick and tired of boshwashwi. He dedicates the heartfelt “It’s Alright” to his mother reminding her he believes in her and also urging the media and the public to listen to his mam’s side of the story.

But enough of the tabloids, let’s get back to the music. My Shine boasts a unique blend of hip-hop, gospel and sprinkles of house. We have to give Jub Jub props for producing an album of such high quality. The production is flawless, the lyrics are well thought out, and it just has a great vibe-y and easy going feel. There’s no doubt that Jub Jub is one talented brother! He combines hip-hop with a backing gospel choir on “Indikhokhele” and collaborates with the Afro-soul/gospel group, Jaziel Brothers in “Phind’ukhulume”. The latter’s a passion-fuelled gospel jam encouraging people to keep their heads up no matter what!

Great moments include a killer colab with MXO whose smooth baritone coupled with a raspy voice in the background adds flava to Jub Jub’s rhymes in “Remember Them Days”.. Other songs to look out for are love joints like “My Girl” where he shows appreciation for the woman in his life and a groovy party song such as “I’m Back”. He also dabbles in house with “My Girl House Remix” – which isn’t bad at all for someone who doesn’t know much about house.

This album is proof that Jub Jub is not just some fly-by-night artist. He’s here to stay. We’ll be getting more quality music from him. You can be sure of that.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

Jub Jub is no longer that gorgeous, innocent little boy from The Rare Breed project who used to sing about the good times. Remember his killer track “Good Time of Your Life”? If you thought this muso was a one hit wonder, think again. He’s had a rough life especially with all the negative media around his controversial mom, Mama Jackie. In this sophomore album he tells us to leave his mama alone, he sings about growing up, love, praises God and more.

Mindlo 2008/03/14 3:58 PM
Good The most comprehensive rteview from you. Nice
kabelo 2008/03/19 11:08 AM
hit well big up to you thou not much of a fan to the music of gospel but well done son we gadly apreciate your good work corect bra........
bontle 2008/03/31 12:43 PM
excellent the most banging beats i have ever heard.and no im not being biased,this boy is the main MAN! the track my girl just does it for and completes the variety that Jub put into this album.Keep it real!
kemisetso 2008/04/01 7:57 PM
my shine i really don't feel this dude, but if he is smart he'll continue to kill that gospel market.
Mdezani 2008/04/11 11:52 PM
My shine It rocks!!
LULAMA 2008/04/14 10:58 AM
madolo 2008/04/15 1:27 PM
rocks Jub-jub keep it up man you rocks! you have healed so many people on your gospel music.
mimi sechuane 2008/04/18 2:46 PM
like it i really luv this two songs from jub jub's cd: ndikhokhele and phindu'khulume, keep up the good work brother.
yonela 2008/04/22 12:28 PM
he is good,really he really is good at what he and people should start appreciating talented people instead bad mouthung them. who ever he is working with should know that he's doing a good job as well.yoyo thinks you rock guys, keep it up
malebogo 2008/05/07 1:33 PM
2 u my man leave hikm alone 4 me he is charming and people change and plz stop judging its only GOD who supposed to judge not us people on the earth. i lyk jub jub with all i had keep it up doug
Amandla 2008/05/16 8:59 AM
Keep the Faith! Jub Jub you must always have faith in God, he always prevail. Believe in your mother too, she will never lead you astray, don't listen to what the papers say, if you were in the same situation as her, i know for a fact that she would never turn her back on you, because she is your mother and she loves you. tjo! "Ndikhokhele", brother that's a tight track, i love it to bits, everytime i listen to it, it soothes my soul so much it makes me want to be a better person in life, i thank you so much for that track, it's beautiful!
Bongani 2008/05/20 12:45 PM
DANKIE BABA Dankie BABA for blessing us with your music!!! Keep it up and remember since you singing for the Lord everything that you do will be blessed and loved by all!!! Thank you PS I bought you album!!!
selby 2008/06/03 10:53 AM
u are hoy jubjub u are hot jubjub
Tsidi 2008/06/04 10:41 AM
God loves you! Jubjub,u met with Clive Goodwill & he doesn't stop talkin about how wonderful you are and how he prayed with you and believe me he's not one dude that believes in everyone but he likes you to bits and believes that you've got an amazing talent. He's our MD @ CRC Bfn & he doesn't stop talking about you. All I can say is that your music is OF The HOOK! Keep it up believe me it wasn't by chance that God chanelled you tosing "Indikhokhele" which is my favourite song you just Have it! God loves you to bits and we @ CRC are your biggest fans!
Karabo 2008/06/12 5:25 PM
You are the best God works in miriculars ways and you are one of the examples i have. You made an imact on my life and for that i thank you my bra
Palesa 2008/06/23 2:07 PM
I love you jub jub, u make my heart skip a beat.... pity u got a gf... bt hope she treatin u gud! Much lv
Jenn J 2008/06/27 9:31 AM
You Inspire Me Thank you so much for an exceptional song "Ndikhokhele", it reminds me of my dear late mum and the times we attented church. Incidently, your song inspires me to come back to the Lord and know that all will be well with me. GOD BLESS you in all your future endevours. I will be buying your album today!!! :-)
bomkazi 2008/07/29 1:23 PM
ms U know wat maan? u r a superstar! Gospel, House & Hip-Hop at the same tym? its amazing u know. Keep on rockin' man. Phind'ukhulume is on top.
Nic 2008/07/30 3:03 PM
Wicked Wicked is all i can say, Local has come very far!!! and the mixture gospel, house, hip-hop hola a new age is born!! Local will never be the same again. We Praise you JUB JUB!!! from hot ass Mauritus keep up the good work NIC
anelisa 2008/08/06 1:07 PM
you rock i don't know what to say but jub jub you rock ma world.love ur eyes
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