Juliette and The Licks
- You're Speaking My Language

2007-01-04 11:48

Juliette's big career moments - vampires, guns, bands and more

Juliette had always been extremely hot, in a monkeyish kind of way. Her performance in Strange Days made it suddenly clear just how much of her appeal lay in her powerful, but hoarse voice.

Juliette & The Licks' sound seems pleasantly fresh at first. It's been a good while since their kind of grungy guitar based sound was fashionable. The titles track rocks along nicely with plenty of guitar, and Juliette sounds good - very similar to how she sounded in Strange Days. It's always a relief when a singer-turned-actress can sing adequately, and write songs that aren't actually embarrassing.

But whatever language Juliette speaks when singing appears to consists largely of an extended insane screaming groan, that's at first sensual, but isn't nearly so appealing 12 songs later. She softens a little towards the end with "The long road out of here" but although the variety is welcome, it comes a little too late to save the set.

Listening to her, you may remember Transvision Vamp - an otherwise all male 80s band fronted by the super sexy Wendy James. (They had a very catchy hit that went "I don't want your money honey, I want your love".) And like Transvision Vamp, Juliette & The Licks are also reputedly fantastic to go watch live.

You're Speaking My Language, however, is really a very average album. The songs basically lack truly hooky tunes - the factor that allowed grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam to reach such a mainstream crowd. They're sing-along friendly, but not very memorable or moving.

- Jean Barker


"You wouldn't go out of your way to listen to this, just as you didn't flock to a listening post for Minnie Driver, but it's a promising first act. "
- Daniel Robson

Juliette Lewis's musical talents first came to public notice in the trendy sci-fi movie, Strange Days (1995), in which she played Ralph Fiennes' ex, Faith, a singer in a grunge band, and the moll of a gangster club owner.

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