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Juliette and the Licks - Four on the Floor

2007-01-05 12:50
Juliette Lewis - that crazy woman who cut her way through Natural Born Killers - is back with The Licks for their second studio album. With Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters on drums, Four on the Floor takes you on a feral ride through the trashy rock underworld.

From the Who-inspired "Get Up" to the deliciously catchy second single "Sticky Honey", the tracks are diverse enough not to bore. At times Juliette may sound like a worn-out Debbie Harry, but her voice manages to be both husky and squeaky, especially on the gritsweet "Death of a Whore". You might occasionally find yourself wondering what the album would sound like if Grohl hadn’t attached to the project, especially on the Foo’d "Purgatory Blues". But how could you ever resent the influence of someone as good as him?

If energy is what you’re after, Four on the Floor will not disappoint.

- Philip Langley
From the first ear-punching scream, you know this album is not really aimed at the aged or infirm.

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Shaun 2007/01/08 7:58 AM
Awesome! Great review Phil... Not sure if the music would be my thing though? S.
Cath 2007/01/08 4:08 PM
What a pro! Well done! Very sounds like you have been doing this for years.
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