Juno - Music from the motion picture

2008-04-15 05:41
The soundtrack is a mix of singer-songwriter jewels and raw experimental anti-folk tunes. If you haven’t heard of anti-folk don’t fret, it’s a scene that mocks and challenges mainstream folk heroes like Bob Dylan. Pretty much like teenagers do. It’s a little silly, also like teenagers. So, it’s the perfect match-up for a movie about pregnant sixteen-year-olds.

In the film Juno is not an average teen and the film’s soundtrack is not made up of typical mainstream teen hits. Most of the songs aren’t even from the ‘now’ generation. There’s The Kinks’ “Well Respected Man”, Buddy Holly’s “Dearest”, Sonic Youth’s “Superstar”, Velvet Underground’s “I’m sticking with you” and Mott The Hoople’s “All the Young Dudes”. The roll call reads more like a canon of classic rock than a trendy soundtrack to the latest teen movie. The point? Big songs to go with Juno’s big personality.

And if it’s not a classic, it’s a low-fi home recording by anti-folk idol, Kimya Dawson who penned more or less half the songs on the CD. The film’s score was also based on her music. All her tracks are voice and acoustic guitar only, which work so well with the film it feels Juno herself must be singing them. What Dawson’s also brilliant at is creating that innocent and intimate sense of solitude. You know, that typical teenager-locked-in-their-room-dreaming-about-life kind of a vibe? .

The soundtrack is a perfect fit for the movie… like a seed and a pod, a bee and honey, Richard Branson and money. It’s also a fine collection of eccentric classics worth owning. .

- Annel Malan

Like winter and snow, a wink and an eye, a floor and a rug, a kiss and a hug Juno’s soundtrack goes perfectly with the movie. If you enjoyed the film, you’ll like the CD.

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