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2010-04-09 15:24
My Worlds

Biebs is only 16, but this fact is probably doing a lot more for his career than his cute voice. It's the innocence that people like me buy into. He's wholesome. On the fantastic "Baby" featuring LudaCris, he coos "My first love broke my heart for the first time". Aw shame! The poor guy doesn't realise how many hearts he breaks every time he smiles.

"Somebody To Love" slides onto the dancefloor with quick beats and enough vooma to inspire you to work on a new line-dance routine with your girlfriends. "Eenie Meenie" with Sean Kingston is a popular ditty too, but Justin's the better artist in this colab.

"Down To Earth" and "That Should Be Me" are two of the few slow ballads on this otherwise fun album, but they provide a good showcase for the pretty tone in his voice. It's perfect for that first slow dance at the school sokkie.

Speaking of firsts, "First Dance" with Usher breaks my heart. He's not really talking about the first 'dance' when he sings "we're rocking back and forth / I promise I'll be gentle / we gotta do it slowly". Put Usher in the mix and the innocence is instantly corrupted. Eish. I hope when sings "I put nothing above ya" on "Love Me" – a cheeky tune containing elements of The Cardigan's "Lovefool" - he includes himself in that sentiment.

His otherwise sweet, unobstructed views on 'love' paired with fresh, exciting pop melodies and a sprinkling of edge from the featured heavyweights make him completely irresistible to teens and tannies alike. Who cares if he really knows what love is – at 16 we're all the authority on romance. He's a lovesick teenager that still believes in happily ever after.

And why shouldn't he? He went from posting karaoke videos on YouTube to being Usher's protégé. He's got everything going for him. However, I think he should have chosen Justin Timberlake when there was a bidding war for him. Let's just pray Usher doesn't turn him into a teenaged baby-daddy with a few confessions of his own.

Little white boy named Justin singing R&B pop – sound familiar? It's a recipe for success. Justin Bieber will be the next Justin Timberlake. They share a name, bad haircuts, a love of the same genre and they're both adorably gorgeous and talented.

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