Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds

2006-10-17 15:11
When I first heard the smoothly produced single “SexyBack”, I should have known Timbaland was behind it. Timbaland is known for experimental and original hits. He is known for redefining a music genre using a distinct sound or beat, while avoiding monotony. Timbaland is good, very good. Ask Ginuwine, SWV, Destiny's Child, Jay-Z, Nas, Missy Elliott, Beck, Brandy, LL Cool J and - if she were still alive - Aaliyah, just to name a few. He has produced hits for all of them.

With Timbaland producing (and featured) on most of the tracks, surely JT couldn’t go wrong. It was risky move for the Tennessee born JT, considering his days as a member of the boybabnd *NSYNC (remember “I want you back”?). The album FutureSex/LoveSounds is experimental and very different from what is on the pop charts at the moment.

To a sigh of relief from his record label, the album has received a warm welcome with a number one debut on the Billboard album chart, selling 684,000 copies in it’s first week of release. It also set a record for the most digital sales ever.

It’s the first number one album for JT, who is on his second solo CD post *NSYNC days. He’s all grown up and wants to prove it, with sultry sounds and sexy lyrics. Thanks to Timbaland, there is a generous helping of unique beats and style that will have every reviewer and radio manager scrambling to figure out in which genres to slot the songs.

The title track “FutureSex/LoveSounds” is sexy: “Her body's pressed up on me/I think she's ready to blow/Must be my future/Sex love sound/And when it goes down/Baby all you've got to do is/Just tell me which way you like that.”

In “SexyBack” you’ll be faced with a mixture of urban and dance. It’s a heavy electronic track with Timberlake’s voice distorted, possibly by a vocoder, to produce thick, yet unique vocals. And there are naughty lyrics to match: “Dirty Babe/You see these shackles baby I'm your slave/I'll let you whip me if I misbehave.”

“Sexy Ladies” will remind you of Prince in the 80s, when he was still a sex symbol and synthesised sounds were bigger than the hair.

Timbaland leaves his signature all over the CD, with his spacey hip-hop sound on “Chop Me Up” and string sounds borrowed from the east on “What goes around…”

But not all credit should go to Timbaland. JT does his part and pulls it off well. Listening to this CD you can imagine the lanky babyfaced blonde as…sexy.

-Nomfundo H. Mbaba+Tshabalala
Justin Timberlake is all grown up and, with the help of producer Timbaland, he wants to show us a sexier side.

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Coco 2006/10/16 11:19 AM
JT rocks I love this CD
Dreyer 2006/10/17 8:07 AM
J.T the next M.J I luvv this CD....every single track is uber kewl...If you don't have it get off your back and get it!!
Greg 2006/10/17 10:31 AM
My Love No mention of the second single, 'My Love'? Pop track of the year, without doubt. Timbaland has always had radio peeps scrambling to figure out which genres to slot tracks into (eg. Bubba Sparxxx's 'Ugly'); it should also be noted that he's just helped Nelly Furtado reinvigorate her career. And I know it's petty but it's a pet hate: Missy Elliott is spelled thus (with a double-T at the end)! [Don't worry - even the major music channels consistently get it wrong].
warren 2006/10/17 12:00 PM
might be lame... ...but, what's his beef with the glitter ball ?
Alex 2006/10/17 3:28 PM
GET IT TODAY! Well worth whatever you have to pay,every track's good.The track with Bill Whither's band is a hit.
Nats Ketats 2006/10/17 3:31 PM
N'Sync with me!!!! I absolutely have a serious thing for this guy....his voice is soooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!
Bianca Galego 2006/10/17 4:36 PM
You know, you ROCK!!!! Finally you have returned as the hot, sexy and talented Justin that we all wanted to see! keep it up and sexy ( im not gonna say you brought sexy back because people now use it in everyday lingo!! ooh well thats wat u get for being a trend setter!! you are cool!~) from a WHITE south African girl Bianca G
Lara 2006/10/17 8:57 PM
Great! I;m not a big JT fan but i just love sexy back. Seriously sexy!!
Craig 2006/10/18 6:51 PM
Not great I don't rate this
zinzi 2006/10/31 1:46 PM
Sexyback It's very nice and I think it's sexyyy!
nhlanhla mtobi 2006/10/31 2:31 PM
massive!!! justified was him coming out of the closet not with futuresex/lovesounds...he has nailed it.especially song #11 and 5.massive tracks
Xoli 2006/11/01 11:09 AM
Uyarocka! Nice one JT
Gontse 2006/11/01 11:52 AM
Awesome JT never disapoints. Sexy back rocks. What a fad match, JT and Timberland are the it.
bernice 2006/11/01 2:31 PM
Val 2006/12/21 11:36 AM
Oh yeah baby! this man is sexy, his songs is sexy, is there aything he cant do?
Kgethi 2007/09/17 2:37 PM
Stunning JT and Timbaland, the finest musical combination of all time.
love 2008/04/16 4:47 PM
i love him this is where there are different news about this album: http://lavamus.com/Album/2341861/Justin_Timberlake/Futuresex_Lovesounds/download-mp3/
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